February 6, 2012

words are funny....

i used to pride myself on my writing and lately the words that used to come so easily to me, have gone into hiding. i think they might even be in the witness protection plan, as that's how hard they've been to find.

a beautiful baby needs no words

neither do blossoms

i have to admit that on this day, i used many words. their english was broken, but they were happy and trying so hard to take photos. i walked over and asked if i could help. i think they said they were engaged. they handed me their camera. i showed them how to stand and where to put their hands. 
they said 
thank you. thank you. thank you. 
two words that mean so much in any language.

seagull feathers everywhere in the sand don't need any words

neither do squirrels that make me laugh 

the good thing about words is that i know they'll come back. that they haven't left me completely.
that even if i don't work hard to win back their good graces, they'll show up.
ready or not.
words are funny. words are everything.
so if by chance you see any of my words running wild, lacking their leashes, stop them and check their tags. if you see "belongs to beth" please send them home.
i'm starting to miss them.


  1. I'm giggling at your words running around loose- those rebels! But, the part of me not laughing is the part that says, me too! I am blaming it on the gray and muted world outside :) my words are just in hiding from that I think.

  2. The witness protection program seems to have let some come out into the open. Your beautiful photos speak quite eloquently on their own, however.

    What is that beautiful blossom?

  3. I'd say your photographs are worth 1000 words...No need for those tricksters ;-)

    Another thought...They might just be hiding, in plain sight, waiting for you to miss them a bit more maybe? Just a guess...

  4. Sometimes the words are right on the tip of our tongue. Don't hold back.

  5. Awwww, don't worry. They will find their way home. Love that you helped the couple on the beach. It's most likely something they will never forget you for.

  6. have you checked your pockets? that bowl on your dresser? i bet you have more words floating around than you think.
    and you are right, these photos need no words.

    don't worry, words love you, they can't stay away for long.

  7. There seems to be an epidemic of blockage going around blogland. I will keep an eye out for your words and be sure to send them back if found, after I play around with them for a moment. ;)

  8. Hmm. those photos were lovely, but I think your words have snuck back and you just don't know it. ;o)

  9. I think you're doing just fine with your remaining words. You surely do wonderfully with your camera.

  10. Words do sometimes play hide and seek, I do agree - as I sit here wondering what I will write tomorrow. Oh the baby picture, just perfect! Love that you took this couples picture and showed them how to stand. Such preciousness is here!

  11. Oh, why are you worrying about words, Beth? Even when you don't have them, everything works out ok. And sometimes they are just overrated.

    The couple? Serendipity for them. Big time.

    Who needs words with these awesome photos.

  12. Well, you sure coulda fooled me ... you always make me smile with your words and sigh with your beautiful images. *Gorgeous baby*! and knowing how you stepped up and helped that couple on the beach just makes me so proud of you.
    Quietness can be a lovely thing, it's something I like alot.

  13. Oh, I so don't care about words when I have such pictures to look at! Beautiful, beautiful. The manuka blossom ... the stunning, soulful ocean ... and that last photograph ...

    You have left me wordless.

  14. Words.. sometimes fail. But actions? Never... look at that photography action. You've brought me there for a few minutes, girlfriend. Breathing deep, exhaling relief. Thank you.

    PS.. love the Diva with big white brim hat and flowing red coverthing. :-)

  15. That baby! Darling! And it makes me realize how nice the weather is down there. ~sigh~

    Greatest part about a photography blog, when the photographer falls speechless, the pictures spill the secrets!

  16. I think maybe your words are letting these amazing photos speak for you for awhile...

    But whatever you wish for you, I wish for you as well.
    See you tomorrow !
    Eeek !!! So excited to say that !!!
    Love ya !

  17. I wish you a whole new "flock" of words!!
    Enjoy them when they find their way to you.

  18. i know what you mean... i've been a bit dry, myself, lately... but i love this post (especially the part about you and the engaged couple.) and i love that feather in the sand...

  19. Stopping over from Phantom Kitty's blog -- I've seen your blog name (which I think is very smart,) in many a blogroll and decided to take the time to visit today.

    I'll just say that if you are are stumbling for words in this post, I want to read one where you are not. Lovely photos and commentary, Beth. :)

  20. "witness protection program words"...i will remember this for a very long time with a big smile...lookin', my dear, for your words...think i saw one over at the Garden today but then off it flew!
    i'm on the hunt...

  21. Soul touching post, you sure helped that sweet couple. With your perfect hand and eye, they will have memories to last a lifetime.

  22. Perfect words. Better pictures. Oh, how they make me smile! What a lovely post -- as is the one above it with your new friends and the beautiful birthday tribute below!

  23. What a GREAT group of pictures...
    I LOVE the one of the little girl....so darling!
    Please, please, please come visit me and teach me how to take such lovely pictures!

  24. Beautiful photos! You are right, sometimes when our words have gone into hiding, a beautiful photo can suffice. Gorgeous mushroom shot by the way.

  25. Beth...speak loudly and carry large camera!! xoxoxo


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