March 30, 2010

body parts can be confusing....

a few weeks ago when i had a scare with my eye
they sent me for an orbital ct scan
found everything to be alright
the eye pain subsided
the left side of my face
from my eyebrow to the bottom of my nose
continued to not feel right
enough so
that my doctor ordered another ct scan
this time of my whole head
with contrast
she called it a brain scan
when the nurse called back with the results from the radiologist
she said the report read
"nothing remarkable"
as happy as i was that the my ct scan was normal
i laughed at her
my hubby thinks my brain is quite remarkable
so much so
that he wishes he could control the on/off switch to it
oh wait
silly me
that's my mouth
that he'd like to turn off every now and then
my brain


  1. I am glad to hear nothing remarkable was found as far as your medical concerns go anyway :)

    Thank goodness WE can't shut off either your beautiful brain or the mouth connected to it! But I can't speak for your husband... my husband would agree about finding that on/off switch for my mouth!!

  2. Did you ever think you'd be happy to hear that there's "nothing remarkable" about you!?! Glad to hear everything is okay!

  3. I'm glad your ok, but your doc is wrong. I'd say that's quite a remarkable brain.
    I guess he should read your blog.

  4. Haha!! Beth, your sense of
    humor cracks me up! I'm sure
    my husband wishes he knew
    where the on/off switch was
    on my head too! Too funny.
    Glad everything came out fine.

  5. 2 funny, friend... 2funny!!

    oh my hubby would love a switch too... lol..


  6. So happy to hear such words. I totally get it. I am happy to hear them for you, too.
    If they could take pictures of what you see, what you write, then they would know how remarkable you are.

  7. How scary that must have been !

    and I don't know if you subscribe to comments... so I'm replying to yours here if that's okay.
    My oldest, a boy ( then four girls ), is a serious underachiever. It is aggravating to put it mildly. He started off his last year of high school with great intentions.. then slid right down into mediocrity. We actually went online for him to see if he was still eligible to go to University, while he was away partying for grad at a campsite. He got in by half a percent. We were too relieved to kill him. :)
    No advice , but I so get you. He's doing better at U, not great, but better.

  8. I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!

  9. Your husband and all the other ones out there. Hah. It will never happen though, we speak! This is an interesting dilemma. Do you think it is sinus infection?

  10. LOL. They need to redo the scan for you have a very remarkable brain.

  11. Hi Beth,

    Still as beautiful and remarkable as ever around here! And I should tell that hospital to get their equipment checked!

    Great new banner you made for Relyn too.

  12. Remarkable -- what IS it with that word? I recently had some pelvic and abdominal scans and they talked about all sorts of parts that weren't the problem calling them "normal," "grossly normal" or "unremarkable." I asked the surgeon about that and he said, "Oh, that's radiologists for you!"

  13. I'm so glad to hear that your scans all turned out normal. Maybe you are having some sort of wierd migraine variant - just a thought. Enjoy readin gyour blog as always!

  14. Oh goodness! My hubby feels the same. I too wish I had better control of my mouth sometimes. Anyway...sorry about the weird feelings in your face. Not fun! My finger is still twitching and it's been since October! GAH! Can you get a ct scan for your index finger?

  15. so glad you are ok, I am still chuckling....:-) Hugs

  16. They said the same thing to me when I had a CT scan of my head after a concussion. I had to laugh too...nothing remarkable!

    I hope they figure it out soon!

  17. The medical profession needs to find some better words to describe things. Any picture of your brain is remarkable ! It is Beth's brain, for God"s Sake ! Did make me remember when my Hubby had a colonscopy and his surgeon came out afterwards and said "Well, you have a very boring colon." I guess that is like "sick" means "super cool, amazing and awesome" to some people who are much younger than me ?

    (Did they tell you about any brain off/on switches, by any chance ? Been looking for one of those for eons...)
    Love you and your remarkable self !

  18. I too am glad that you are okay! But I couldn't help laughing!! LOL!

  19. lmao!!
    i am so glad you are okay!
    you sure our husbands, don't know one another? lol

  20. I think your brain is remarkable, but happy to hear there was nothing remarkable to see. Whew!

  21. haha! well I am so glad that everything is okay :)

  22. so glad you're ok honey - i do think you're rather remarkable myself.

  23. Gosh you scared me in the first part of this post. But in the end I've got this big smile on my face.

    I'm soooo glad you're okay! Now I'll send out some prayer for you to feel totaly okay with the weird face feeling.

  24. on one side, I'm glad you got the a-okay but on the other side wish there was some explanation...urgh....

  25. Obviously, your Doc needs a new lexicon when referring to your brain! It is quite remarkable, I think! (But, thankfully "normal".)

  26. so happy the test went well. I am surprised that they didn't tell you that your brain was in the shape of a treasure chest, I just know it is:)

  27. Ha!
    Glad you are A-ok.

  28. I so love your humour. And yes, your brain is remarkable.

  29. You always make me laugh. Always. It's a gift, and I love you for it.


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