October 6, 2009

don't be afraid to get close...

the only good thing about early morning frosts
~for a photographer anyway~
is that it tends to stun anything with more than 2 legs
{who am I kidding...early morning frosts stun me too}
I kept getting closer and closer to this sweet little guy
~who I swear was looking right at me~
thinking the worst thing that could happen
if I kept moving forward
would be a full out super leap
straight to my forehead
where little sticky grasshopper legs would get caught in my bangs

but nope
he sat perfectly still
on that milkweed pod
wishing he was a grasshopper that had been raised down south
{click on the largest photo to really see those sticky grasshopper legs}


  1. I don't think I have ever been forst to comment on your blog. I guess staying up late is good for something. These pics are so great. I made that last one big and almost jumped. It is really awesome. Still in awe of your talent!

  2. These shots are nice and sharp. I love frosty mornings. Fingerless gloves are great for photography on a frosty morn.

  3. Ohhhhwwww this is a stunning grashopper. You had me laugh out loud here saying that he wished he was born down south....

  4. I am thinking we have a different perception of grasshoppers from where you live and I live. "Sweet Little Guy" is not what they are called here in Southwest Saskatchewan...ha ha! Too funny! But lovely pictures indeed ~ and your pumpkin photos below are most enjoyable!

  5. I haven't been in a plague of grasshoppers, so I have no fear ... just awe and now so in awe of your wonderful images. To enlarge the last one is a study of unbelievable beauty. I have to admit I kept staring at the eye hoping I'd see a reflection of you!

  6. I have a stupid phobia of these little guys - them and frogs, just for that precise reason - They are not predictable !!! They can attack when you least expect it ! I know that you got lucky here, and managed to get some incredible shots, but you really need to beware the unpredictable grasshopper! (Does this fear show that I am a control freak or what ? I even want my gross out bugs to be controllable !!!)
    Hope your Tuesday is predictable...or not ! ;)

  7. Hi Beth,

    Your grasshopper photo is great. A couple of weeks ago we had a grasshopper in the house and I grabbed my camera to take pictures. The grasshopper landed on top of the refrigerator, trying to elude me. I snapped a few photos but they came out blurry. I swore he was looking right at me too. He seemed to have a personality about him, and I felt like he was watching my every move.

    He remained in the house for a couple of days, because he flew somewhere out of sight. We finally found him on the third day and caught him and put him outside.

  8. I must admit...at 8AM, glaring in to those googlely wide eyes was a bit much, but how amazing that he (or she) let you get that close. Wonder what he thought looking back at you!

  9. a stunning stunned hopper, that 'un. I'm generally fascinated by insects anyway, [though I don't like to watch them eat each other (eeewwww) ... ]. I'm glad you're going OUT in the frosty morns, Darling ... I know how you tense up this time o'year. That camera keeps YOU hopping!

  10. Beautiful as always Beth, the last one is brilliant. my little camera never can show detals like that. I love the crisp morning air. Get us moving!. take care.

  11. LOL about the down south line (ms. smarty) sometimes the pugs wonder if i'm crazy when i'm reading because i chuckle a lot.

    great shots!!!

  12. I just stopped by to say hi via JarieLyn's blog and love your attitude towards one of the smaller creatures in our world. He is very nice to hold still and not jump in your bangs.

  13. Fantastic shots! I have a grasshopper phobia and you described it to a T! I would have been in total fear of him jumping to my face and sticking with his prickly little legs. So glad he proved to be a cooperative model ;)

  14. LOL, I can say I understand how that grasshopper may be feeling. There are many days when I think, "oh holy gawd, just any place but here!!!!"

    LOL Love to you this day!

  15. Great macro shots of this little guy, who I'm glad didn't turn into a banghopper after all. I've hopped over here on JarieLyn's recommendation. :)

  16. Awesome pics! His little hairy legs were probably frozen to the milkweed, or milkpod, or whatever you called it. I love the detail in his eye, you can almost see the compund eyes within it. My pup would've loved him too, he has been spending his days snapping his jaws at the crunchy little critters.

  17. So glad he didn't hop into your bangs! Fabulous views!

  18. He's adorable!



  19. He's an adorable little guy, isn't he? Your shots are great. Have a wonderful night.

  20. Beautiful shots Beth! The detail on the last photo is amazing!

  21. as we were walking home yesterday from school we were admiring the grasshoppers...jumping out of our way as we walked along.

    home again. just like that. i missed keeping up with you here... but i am back.
    xoxoxooxoxooxoo miss you much!

  22. Oh yes he was now wasn't he!! Me too when it starts getting this cold and grey and the heaviness sets in :) Great shots! Razor sharp :)

  23. And a lovely little green guy he is. I think he liked getting his portrait taken, even in the frost. That, or he was just too stinking cold to move!


  24. I wish we'd had you around here last night. You wouldn't believe the absolutely enormous preying mantis Sloane caught and brought in. She spent an hour catching crickets to feed it. Don't you just love little girls?


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