March 19, 2012

the smell of rain....

it's raining today and i'm actually loving the sound of it outside my open windows. yes. it's march and my windows have been open for over a week now and i'm loving every minute of it. 
i'm kind of wondering where march is going. does it seem to be flying by at your house, too.

i still have so many florida photos to share, but i promise as soon as i get a few more of my "local" photos edited, i'll be back on the right path. i think. 
but hey, doesn't this look like donald sutherland.

how can you not love this little boy. i don't think he's ever seen a hula-hoop before.

this was taken on a rainy day in florida. i had come across a similar photo on pinterest and decided to 
"re-inact" it using things i had around the cottage, mixed with a few things i had brought from home.
i have to admit, taking still life photos does not come easily for me. i really have to work at it.

this photo was taken at one of the outdoor concerts we went to in seaside. 
i love it mostly because for some reason it feels old to me. i think i should have given it a wash of graininess when i processed it, to really give it that old feeling, but preventing and eliminating noise in my photos is one of those things i learned early on to do. maybe i've been tainted.
{but i do love the sun flare i captured}
in general news:

a. i love her work

b. we watched "win winagain and i love that movie. 
i highly suggest you watch it. 
i promise you won't be be disappointed. seriously, i promise. it's that good.

c. i'm reading "fifty shades of grey." 
{thanks jen}
i'm only on the first book. it's a trilogy. 
if you're reading this book, me. we might have to start a secret book club.
in the meantime, for those who want to learn a little bit more about it,
or why i'm being rather hushed about it, you can go here or here or google the title. 
{i'm reading this on our ipad. i'm not sure you can get the paperback version of it yet}


  1. I feel like March is flying as well! I'm not sad about it though. This means that the semester is only four weeks from over! Yay!

  2. LOL..that might have to be a "secret" book club...I was reading about this book (trilogy? did not know that) in the paper the other day...sounds "intriguing". Since you read it on your ipad there is no need for a paper bag cover. I remember doing that when I was 14!

    Love a rainy day -- love listening to it and smelling it...but I'm eager for a few more sunny days just yet -- we've had clouds and fog for too many of the last 5.

  3. March is flying for me and I find myself on the verge of tears so easily. How could this four months in India have passed so quickly. I fulfilled my life's dream but who thought it would go by so quickly. I don't know how I can return to India
    but I am happier here than I have ever been in my life.

  4. I hear its next to impossible to get that book .. of course now I must try

  5. LOVE the still life. it turned out great! and can you send me some of that rain, please? oh, and thanks for the movie and book recommendations - i needed that.

  6. For Still Life, have you ever visited Xaomena on Flickr? Oh, my word.

    And I believe I see why that has to be a secret book club. You naughty girl, you. Oh, you slay me sometimes.

  7. March IS flying by... and I love Win Win, it's such a good movie!

  8. The book sounds intriguing, I love trilogy's. Now I need more tips how to eliminate noise in photos. That would be a good tip day thing, hint.

  9. Life is flying...maybe that's why still life shots as magical as yours appeal so much...enjoy the rain sweetie!

  10. It's not just March flying by... it's the whole dang year so far! I go searching for photos I think I took last week and discover I took them in January! I haven't heard of Fifty Shades of Grey - now you have me curious!

  11. your photos are mesmerising. I've heard of that book and may have read an excerpt, although I can't remember. I hope you enjoy reading it :-)

  12. Totally looks like Donald Sutherland!!! I thought maybe you had a for real celebrity sighting. your still life! And I am hearing all kinds of things about this book...I am very curious now. I hear it's near impossible to get your hands on too!

  13. That first shot is pure magic!

  14. LOL.. I've not read the trilogy yet, however my friends are buzzing about it for the reasons you don't talk about here.

  15. That first shot of the raindrop is amazing! My book club put it as our May book, I read it over the weekend , then went and loaded the second one to my iPad, I'll join the secret discussion club ;)

  16. i had such a wonderful feb that march has been really dragging for me.

  17. Just started keeping a window open in the bedroom. Nice hearing the birds and smelling the rain.

  18. A wonderful collection as always. That little blondie in the jean jacket is just adorable.. even face unseen.

  19. Lovin March in PA. Outside today in shorts doing yard work. I have a feeling spring will be short lived and 90 degree days will be here too soon.

  20. Boy, you wouldn't know it was March if you were looking out my window today.... wind, rain, hail, snow, then hail again, more rain and rain.
    You know I just got this new iphone and all I want to do is go out and take pictures and I can't! humbug!

    I love the soft colours and beautiful simplicity of the first photo in this post.

  21. Wonderful images Beth, especially the first one!

  22. March feels like early June here,
    very hot and muggy
    and all the pollens
    offering themselves freely
    at once
    so it's a kind of dopey mess,
    thick yellow air
    shimmery with heat.
    No one feels normal!
    All surreal.
    Hope you're breathing through
    both sides of your nose:)

  23. I love the sound of rain, too. Although, I have to say, I'm enjoying not having any!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth