March 14, 2012


i talked to the sheriff in florida today
we'd only been home 5 days 
when i took my girlfriend out for lunch and my credit/debit card was declined.
i called my bank immediately and they had put a hold on it, due to a possible transaction in north carolina, at a walmart.
obviously not my transaction. thank you my wonderful bank, for watching my back. 
we just found out yesterday that there was a credit card scam right in the area we stayed. someone was skimming, they believe, then selling the numbers and making cards.
almost all the bad "you scum butts for trying to steal from me" transactions were made at walmarts all over florida. i also found out today that along with north carolina, they had tried to use my number again in a florida walmart. thank god it was denied.
we were told to contact the sheriff and file a report, which didn't pertain to us, as we hadn't lost any money, but they did want to know where we had shopped while we were down there. 
they have it narrowed down now to three locations where they believe the skimming took place. 
one of them is one of our favorite places to eat. so sad.
now this is where i thank target. 
after my second transaction at the target in panama city while we were in florida, they called wanting to confirm that i had my target card in my possession and that the current charges were mine.
again, my back was being watched.
wow, that makes me feel good.

today there are no long sleeves to be found. instead we're setting records like many of you.
forecasted today is a high of 78. sweet.
the convertibles are everywhere. flip flops are on. gardens are being tended to. 
grills are being fired up. kids are running wild.
best of all, people are amazingly happy.

in case you need one
this bud's for you 
happy wednesday everyone


  1. Glad they had your back!!!
    Mine has done the same thing. So cool! But sucks that these people are out there...preying on us!!!
    Loved the bud

  2. I need that bud today -- it's incredible Beth!

    What is even more incredible is that someone (a group) of scum bags were targeting (and may well still be) innocent shoppers/patrons. It makes you sick to think about how serious this is and how serious it could have been had Target and your bank not had your back and been "aware" of something being "not right". Hope they are caught!

    As for this's gorgeous here too...the sunshine makes me happy!

  3. This has to be such a relief to find out the bank and merchants you are with have your back.

    We're having wet snow here and Spring decided to go back to sleep after the hour change ;-)

    Thank you for the bud xoxo

  4. This buds for you - brought a smile to my lips. Glad to know you lost no money as well.

  5. Ugh! We had something similar happen to us and fortunately our credit card company was on top of it. But we had to get new cards. Pain. Most times now when we travel and have several transactions in an area, the credit card company puts a hold on the card until we confirm it's ok. A pain in the butt but smart.

  6. Don't you love it when the security processes put in place to protect us WORK! Glad you weren't out any funds and I hope they catch the culprit!

  7. glad your story is a good one.

  8. yikes. glad it all worked out okay.
    love that first photo! (and you are just so cute!)

  9. My card has been hacked twice in 1 year. Once from the Michael's fiasco and then a recent random hit. Both times my bank shut it down fast ..just wish they had told me,... I freaked when I was declined, worried I had botched my

    These are very sorry times...I can't dwell on it - too depressing and I want to think about Spring.

  10. Sad there are people out there that take our credit card information like that. Glad your bank was watching and Target too.

    I hope your Wednesday has been terrific. Is that rose real? It looks perfect.

  11. That sucks! Trust broken is such a sad thing. Glad you had your back covered thoough.
    We had a warm Monday and Tuesday but today was a bit cooler. Still, this spring stuff just feels good .
    Sending big hugs your way!

  12. live such an exciting life for a midwestern are so lucky...I am glad you have 'protection' ...

    Love , LOVE, L.O.V.E the "this buds for you' comment...and the photo is beautiful.

  13. OMG.
    How absolutely maddening!
    Glad your back was covered.

    Beautiful Bud.

  14. How frustrating. A similar story for me recently, and love how these banks/cards have our backs.

  15. Banks have become pretty good at doing this, and I am really happy about that.

    It sounds like you are enjoying some wonderful weather. Here in NY, the forecasted temperature for today is 70, but it's not there yet! When it gets a bit warmer, I am out for the day with my camera, and soooooo looking forward to it!

    Your photographs here are just beautiful! I especially love the wonderful focal point and tones in the last one.

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful day ahead!


  16. Used to have a MasterCard til a similar situation happened to me .. not only did my card get used in CANADA but also at two restaurant in Georgia (on the same time/day) .. it was caught by a clever observant clerk at Toys R Us in Toronto .. the restaurant changes were not caught til I looked at my statement ... after arguing I couldnt possibly be at TWO restaurants at the same time AND still be in NYC the credited me ..

    I needed the bud, thanks!

  17. So sorry about the credit card theft... but so glad it was caught. The same thing happened to my daughter about a year ago... her card wasn't stolen but the number was being used in the Philippines!

    Love that self-portrait, but I HATE this weather. It's summer here, and it shouldn't be... I mean, I don't know if I can live through eight months of Florida summer!

    Was that enough whining for you?

  18. it's maddening. we received new cards out of the blue once saying "we think someone got a hold of account numbers..." even though we never saw any signs of foul play. it is good to know all those credit cards fees are going towards something, huh? ;o)

  19. I am thankful every day for little things in life. Today, I am thankful you had no loss, and for my eyesight.
    What a beautiful, beautiful photo.
    Happy Wednesday to you also Beth, and thank you.

  20. Sometimes the system is on the ball. So good to hear you were taken care of. What a shame that there will always be some people who find ways to steal. If only they would use their talent and imagination in a positive and Lawful manner.

  21. I'm glad you didn't lose anything with those transactions. There's just so much of that happening lately.

    Thanks for the bud. It's the very best kind for this non beer drinker.

  22. Its a shame that our backs need to be watched.
    i love the texture in that pink rosebud, i can almost reach out and feel it! Flip flops??Maybe in a few months, sigh.

  23. How awful, but how decent of your credit card people to have your back.

  24. My bank has saved me from weirdness, too -- they're really "on it" and that's great. I just stopped the other day and gave them the dates I'm in Europe so I can use my visa and debit without worrying about it going through.

  25. when things like that happens I feel so violated. thank goodness, it hasn't happened in awhile. knock on wood. glad to hear your bank is on its toes.

  26. Not long ago we received a call from Capital One asking where we have been using our card...and if we bought a ticket to France! I wish! I am very impressed with how quickly they discovered our stolen number and how nice they were on the phone clearing it up. We will never know how our number was stolen and we did get a new card but I do at least feel as though someone is watching over it!

    Thanks for the bud!

  27. I really need that bud today. I can't wait to stop wearing heavy coats that feel like boa constrictors.


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