March 9, 2012

who do you think you are.....

as long as you don't care, i'm going to keep sharing my photos from florida with you. 
i mean i could post without photos, but then you'd all have to suffer through my writing and believe me you'd get bored and end up eating some chocolate, which would end up being the whole candy bar and then your jeans would feel tight. and. well see. 
i'm saving you from something you'll regret later. you're welcome
yes. the inside of this seagull's mouth was truly this red. i'm assuming they all are, unless he was suffering from strep or some other throat virus. can you tell he's mad. 
i think he was angry at us for not feeding him real food. whatever.

yesterday i saw my first robin here in wisconsin. he was doing a little happy dance and smiling.
this is a florida robin. a floridian. i think.
does florida have robins or are the ones we see while we're down there just wintering until it's safe to head north again. does anyone know.

sandpipers might be my favorite gulf bird. wait. no. pelicans are.
oh heck. it's not nice to pick favorites. i love them both equally.

squirrels. i love them. 
as long as they're not doing anything to make me mad, i think they're great. and even though we had a maniac squirrel who loved our backyard and tore apart our bird feeder. well. hey. most of the birdseed ended up on the ground and the mourning doves were really happy. so it was a win win.

oh mr. woodpecker. what can i say. i adore you. 
and when i watch you try to feed at the bird feeder that isn't really meant for someone your size and you cock your head all over the place trying to figure out how to get what you want. 
well. you had me at hello.

cats make me laugh. 
especially the outdoor ones that you totally surprise, who think they're hiding, but really aren't 
then look at you like "what the, who the" 
then run off all disgruntled with a "sheesh" attitude.
happy weekend everyone


  1. i like your backyard birds best. your robin and red-belly are superb. :)

  2. I've never seen a Robin in Florida but I hear they're there. Maybe just not where I live.

    I actually saw my first Robin the other day but I'm in Idaho at the moment!

    Great shots!

  3. Love your humor and pictures too.
    Can a mourning dove be happy? :o}

  4. I love your red-bellied woodpecker! And the robins? I believe you saw them on their way up here . . .

    Have you ever seen Winged Migration? God, I love that documentary. I loved it so much that after seeing a PBS special of it, I bought a copy. It's beautifully filmed.

  5. love your bird shots, especially the woodpecker. What can I say, I'm partial to the cheerful red on his head.

  6. You know where I go when I am having a bad week?
    To YOUR blog...I always come away with a smile...
    Maybe next week...I will be back to 'normal' and maybe be posting and exercising again...and maybe a little happier...thanks for holding a space for smiles.!

  7. That woodpecker photo got me. Gorgeous...all of them, beth. Thanks for the very nice Friday visit. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. The woodpecker!! What a splendid little creature!

  9. Those birds of your are gorgeous, Beth and the angry seagull is the one I somehow relate the most with today...I guess I need to take a very deep breath and relax.

    Enjoy your week-end and thank you for taking us with you in Florida or at home where you live. Hugs xo

  10. thanks for the kind comment on my blog! It's harder than I thought it would be. But I will stick with it. :D

  11. Terrific shots, love them all. We had a herd of Robins in our yard in Florida but they could have just been passing thru, who knows for sure about these crazy birds?
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Well, you know I am a sucker for bird photos.
    And yours are phenomenal.

    I'm not a fan of squirrels or cats, but I love you anyway:)

  13. Outstanding captures!!
    Happy Weekend!!

  14. Wow - I think that gull was wearing Chanel red. The sea foam around the sandpiper's feet is wonderful. You captured the very best of FL.

  15. happy weekend to you, too! thanks for the fun post to start it off with!

  16. I adore robins, miss them terribly but now and again one goes astray and lands here for a minute or two...


  17. Lovely birds - and wow - that seagull must have been one ticked off bird! I've never seen their mouths so red!!

  18. beautiful pics Beth!!! Have a good weekend!

  19. you are SO GOOD. these images just make me happy. thank you!


  20. I believe the seagull was sending you a hidden message....I love you. Why, you ask? Don't you see the red heart? It's staring right at you (and us)!

  21. You can post photos as long as you like, so long as they are wonderful as this (and especially the birds!). I see that "sheesh" attitude a lot around here!

  22. That is soooome red inside that mouth. Who knew.

    I'm eating that chocolate you're talking about. Darn it. pictures did nothing for that.

    Have a great weekend, Beth :-)

  23. Wow. That seagull photo is so absolutely terrific. And your writing would never drive me to chocolate. I'm jealous of your robins, though... you say you saw them while you were in Florida? I'm worried that they bypassed us this year :(

  24. Then again I can eat chocolate and view your incredible photos too! I will worry about tight jeans later! These are wonderful as usual. And thank you for the suggestions on my blog, already got some positive feedback! Cheers...Lori

  25. These birds are incredible..and who'd of ever thought that inside a seagull's mouth would be red???

  26. love all the feathers
    and fur
    and always
    you make me smile:)

  27. Never get sick of Florida picks !

    Happy weekend to you too, Lovely Beth !
    I hope that Wisconsin and the time change treat you well.
    Love ya !

  28. Awww wonderful critter photos.. one and all. Yes, gulls have very red mouths, don't they? I snapped a photos of one yelling at me a few months back and was surprised to see how brilliant the colour was.

  29. Never saw red inside the beak of a bird like this. These are wonderful photos. The close up of the squirrel is so clear.
    Now that I have a cat, all cat photos are catching my eye.

  30. Wow...yes I am wowed once again...what incredible bird shots you took!

  31. The gulls here are well behaved and never mouth off .. damn I need to find a way to make them mad enough to show me a red mouth

  32. that looks just like my outdoor naughty kitten! maybe he has been wandering a little farther than I thought on those days when he is gone for hours and hours...

    love all these photos, but the seagull... oh my!

  33. I just love the sandpiper and the wonderful frothy bubbleness at his feet.


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