January 11, 2012

the world is coming to an end....

sorry. that's my melodramatic side coming out. the world isn't really ending.
but it is going to snow

all of these photos were taken in the past two days. while it was 48 and 53 degrees.
that's right. record setting temperatures.

now mother nature, who has developed a sense of humor, is going to dump five inches of snow on us. 
with blowing winds. and a high of twenty.

i don't like snow. did you know that.

i have a new toy. it's a polarizing filter. 
i normally use UV filters on my lenses, but my friends at the camera store talked me into trying a polarizing filter on my 70-300. and guess what. i liked it.

i mean who doesn't love a new toy. especially a new toy for a camera.
{insert smile here}

want to know how to get a photo like this. 
first you have to find a weed or a flower that is being highlighted by the sun. 
this weed was highlighted to the point of being completely blown out, so i moved my ISO to the lowest number i could, which in aperture mode was 200. then i stepped down my exposure by one full step and then switched my metering mode to spot metering. 

have you ever met a milkweed, dead or alive, that you didn't just fall in love with.
me either

this little guy. well maybe modesty is overrated.
these are non-lightroom 3 photos since our computer with that program is having a bit
of maintenance done. oh well.
ps...send shovels


  1. Great photos... that squirrel wasn't minding you a bit! Sorry about the snow. I don't like snow either but it can be beautiful!

  2. Love, love the squirrel photos.

  3. That's just cruel to have a temperature drop like that. I just went through that, it ain't fun. Strange winter. Love your weed.

  4. wonderful photos as always :-)

  5. Beth, I'm not sure how I feel about snow as I get older, but I do love the quietness after a snow, especially at night. My Father used to say that you can always tell how bad your winters are going to be, by how high the squirrels build their nests up in the trees. I remember asking him why when I was little, and he said they want to be close to the sun on cold snowy days.
    The nests up here in the mountains are up pretty high I'm afraid, but we always get quite a bit of snow.
    I love your photos, and hope you put a book together one day. You'll have one copy sold:)
    Stay warm, ML

  6. It's been unseasonably warm here too and dry. It's nice, but it sure doesn't feel like winter. Beautiful photos, love the blue in that sky.

  7. I am RIGHT WITH YOU, beth. Warm, record breaking temps are over, at least for tomorrow. Seven inches of blowing sow is supposed to crash down on Friday. Big UGH. Really dislike snow, cold, and winter. Got off easy so far; know I can't complain about cheating winter out of two and a half months...but will anyway. Unless I get my birthday off because schools are closed...! Yeah. Let's do it next week! Good luck to you! LOVE your photos!

  8. That squirrel is the best! No wonder he's so fat. He's had so much time to stock up nuts, he's now dipping into his stash! I'm with you on the snow. The kids, however, are thrilled! I apologize ahead of time if it's a doozy. Darling Daughter talked me into being part of her snow dance last night. :)

  9. I feel your pain... we're sitting at 53 degrees at this moment, by the time I leave work today at 4:30 we're supposed to be in blizzard conditions.

    I won't complain too much though, by Tuesday it's supposed to be back up to 48. I'm just going to look at it as a great opportunity to stay in and be creative.

  10. Oh, poo, I was afraid your winter break from the snow wouldn't last! Snow is a novelty here, but day and and day out must be so grueling.

    Loving that fourth pohto down of the weeds against the blue and gold background. Stunning!!

    Warm hugs to you!

  11. ugh, same here... it's going to be nasty this weekend.

    all of these photos are wonderful, i am sooo in love with milkweed pods!

  12. Mother nature has been playing cruel jokes on many of us...the beautiful weather which we are becoming quite used to and then wham...back into true winter. It's on the way here and like you I'm no fan...

    Love the photo of the birdie's butt...his feathers all matted up! And the milkweed...wonderful shots.

    As for the squirrel...I like him just fine, where he is on film...when they get on my roof...yeah, I'm not such a fan!! lol!!

  13. Totally head over heals in love with #1 and #4 photos ... just beautiful colors and framing.

  14. beth,
    i am selflessly excited awaiting your beautiful snow photos you always share each year.

  15. Beth,
    You SOOOO crack me up! Now I HAVE to go check out the polarizing filter...not that I have a CLUE about the use or purpose of any filters...but I will follow your lead and check it out...maybe some day...I just might learn how to REALLY use my camera!
    Love the images...and the words...send some snow our way...would you!

  16. ow, love the soft blue and golden yellow behind the queen anne's lace! that little bird butt is pretty cute too. :o)

  17. Oooh, but think of all the photo opportunities snow provides too...

    Love that chickadee butt.

  18. but it's really good that you're getting some snow and cold. how else could you fully appreciate florida in february? (this said from the vantage point of a sunny day and 70 degree temps.)

  19. Sweetie, do you see how good you are ? These photos are amazing !!!

    We got snow. I didn't mind too much until it was time to go shovel. That sh*t is heavy !!! Oh, well, apparently we are not allowed to complain since it came so late. Besides, so there will be none where you are !!!!
    Yay !
    Hugs, Talented Photographer Girl !

  20. incredible nature photography!! Really, really beautiful. Yes,in the early evening we are getting snow....yesterday it was almost 60 degrees. Cruel, I concur.

  21. I want to join you for photography lessons just to learn what you learn, but then I might be tempted to spend alot of money. Love what you do here.

  22. Truly art is everywhere...we just need to open our eyes and look. That little squirrel is looking quite plump for the winter.

  23. Those southern squirrels, they just ham it up for the camera!!!

  24. Lovely post...
    Greetings from France,


  25. Okay . Your photos are in a class all their own. Seriously. I'm speechless.

  26. can't have my shovel. i need it! And your new toy is wonderful. Or rather, you are, in mastering its benefits.

    Huge globby flakes are coming down, three inches or more of snow on the ground, sticking to the trees. It's beautiful. I wish it was somewhere else, or this pretty but 50. Life.

  27. gorgeous.
    i adore warmed over

  28. Oh, I missed this post. These are wonderful, Beth. Completely lost with the camera instructions, however.

  29. Very late to be commenting here but I just had to stop and tell you how much I simply love these photos! That Blue and Gold shot is breathtaking! Hope you didn't get too much snow...I for one love it:)

  30. If I didn't know better, I would have thought you were blogging from my house. That is exactly the weather we have been having. Warm, sunny....then a snow dump and high winds...and now, it can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to do out there!
    Beautiful pictures.


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