January 4, 2012

babies aren't rude...

i've never seen a rude baby, so obviously we aren't born that way. 
so why is it that the adults i run into during my every day errands are. how did they get that way.
is it too much ask for a simple "excuse me" if you walk in front of me, take up the entire aisle with your cart so that i can't move, or run into me. i think not.

everywhere you go around here, someone is talking about the weather. or the lack of.
it has been an abnormally warm and dry winter so far. the birds are not flocking to the feeders, which makes me sad. and i'm not sure who was supposed to eat this corn, but whoever it was, they certainly didn't hoard it. all of it makes me wonder what we're in for the next few months.

we cleaned out our closets over the winter break and i packed my car up yesterday and today and dropped everything off at our food pantry {which gives out free clothes} and the hospice thrift store. 
that makes me feel so good.

and with my word for the year being "reach"
i feel the need to add it in every now and then... just as a reminder


  1. It's unseasonably warm here, too. Your new header is so calming.

  2. It sure feels good to be giving to those who need. I love the mossy branch "reaching" ;-)

  3. i love the way you added it to the last photo. :)

  4. Cute :)
    Love the ending.

    The first question? No clue to the answer! Wish I knew.

  5. What I try to do is not be rude..even to the rude folks. I hope that in some way being kind and nice will rub off on them or strike a memory of "yeah that is what it's like to be nice". Wishful thinking? Nope...it is nice to be nice.

  6. What a perfect way to introduce your word. Very nice!

  7. Until the last two days it has been way too warm for winter in New England...and no snow! I may have to move further north!

    I still am mulling over my word for the year...it may be indulge:)

  8. Yes, isn't it interesting how your word reaches out and touches you, then there is a desire to share. You definitely were reaching out by donating clothes to help others.

  9. I had to smile as I read through this post...
    seriously...I am so right there with you on this one...
    Great shots, and I love the honest irritation...
    This one would be a REACH for me...because it is so not okay with me for people to be rude.

    BTW...the weather and ski slopes out here in the west are warm and dry...not good for the water shed...scary actually.

  10. What I've noticed is that a lot of the time people don't notice they're being rude. My hubby is one of those people who just loiters in aisles or stops at the top of esculator and gets in people's way so I'm constantly ushering him to one side for them. It's not because he's rude, he's exceptionally polite and thoughtful, it's just in the rush of life and within those situations he frequently doesn't think, gets distracted and causes a problem. If we had to think about every action we did as humans we'd have no time left to actually do things, so I've learnt from him that rude people are quite commonly not rude, just ignorant or stressed and they deserve my patience and forgiveness. Unless they're really rude and/or touch me and then I let rip. :D I'm not a saint ya know x

  11. The dof and muted tones of the last photo are simply gorgeous, Beth. I can't believe I need to go through my closet again. Has it been a year already? Blech.

  12. Reach..Is a good word..It makes us stretch and not sit back and do nothing. It makes us go beyond.
    The weather here today seems to be almost spring like.

  13. reach... with more kindness and giving...
    so you...
    thank you.

  14. Our weather isn't "normal" here in the Rocky Mountains either. I kinda enjoy it - can still run the packed trails in just running shoes - but we do need the moisture. Love your lichen-covered "reach.

  15. same here, the geese are still around, and the animals seem to have settled in...i am hoping that means it will be a mild winter, we are due after last year!
    gorgeous shots!

  16. Smart to add it in. You are also extremely productive and observant!

  17. Love your word Beth, you sound like you have already accomplished a lot. People being rude, there is just no excuse for it....I usually do not respond back to it, unless someone tells me to eat another f----n doughnut, I am not kidding you, then I want to use them for ring toss....I think you hit a nerve. lol. have a great new year my friend.

  18. Boo to the rude folks. I like how you ended your post on a positive note. Beautiful photo and message. :)

  19. Beautiful photos, one and all. It's been warmer and clearer than usual around here too. I love how you incorporated your word into that lovely branch photo.

  20. i've been wondering that too, how people become rude, and desperately hoping my children become lovely people...

  21. maybe you could make a little game of finding the "reach" in your photos!

    as far as the rudeness.... well, I'll keep my thoughts to myself on that one but don't you just want to look at some people square in the face and say "seriously???"


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