January 16, 2012

i kind of miss the butterflies....

i dropped my camera. on black top. in a parking lot.
thankfully it's fine. 
unfortunately its body now has two scratches. but nothing broke. 
i truly believe the reason my lens didn't break was due to the fact that the lens filter took the brunt of the fall. not the lens itself. if you don't have filters on your lenses for protection. i highly recommend you buy some. maybe tomorrow or wednesday. 
for every lens you own. 
really. i think you should.

two words
bachelor. train wreck.
okay. technically that's three. but you know what i mean.

you were probably thinking i'd have some wisconsin winter photos to share with you after not posting for three days. or maybe some birds fighting for space at the bird feeder.
well instead i give you "old" photos. as in archived.
i organized photos this weekend. some got trashed. some were moved to my hard drive.
and some i played with. i like playing best of all.


  1. Wouldn't you like to know exactly what that last little guy is thinking? He'll have the world waiting to catch his thoughts for the rest of his life with that look of easy determination.

  2. fun summer shots! even though it is not cold down here, all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray....

    but I must say that despite how fun those shots are, the winging scapulae in the second one called out to me for help :)

  3. feels like a welcome summer breeze ...

  4. Beth, It was 70* today outside my apartment in Ft. Worth. We're lovin' this winter. Don't miss the snow. I should be cleaning photos, too. xo Jenny

  5. A filter for my lenses...hmmm.
    You have another great idea.

  6. So, so lovely.

    Yeah. Thought about filters for years. Then forget. Ha! Then again, we don't have a camera store so I guess there's my excuse!

  7. and here I thought for one brief instant that you had perhaps flown the coop and were down south.

  8. your sunny images make my heart warmer...thanks:)
    I like playing best of all,
    oh yes indeed.

  9. Summer photos on a cold, rainy, winter day just hits the spot...the warm, sunny spot I need today.

    I don't watch The Bachelor so I'm kind of lost on that one...but that's okay...

    Glad the camera didn't break or suffer any serious damage...doesn't your heart just stop for that second and your breath catch when you do something like that???

  10. Lens filters saved me once.. once not so much. Not that the lens itself broke but the focusing mechanism did on one lens. I have to learn not to be so klutzy. ;) I'm very glad for you that no damage was done. How else would we get our dose of wonder.

  11. I'm with you there girl ... like the playing part! I have put lens filters on all my lens ... best thing I ever did!

  12. i was freaking out, just a little bit, but then you relieved my mind. GLAD you had a lens filter on that camera.

    i see you are re-living the summer. our weather is getting all ready for you... a perfect day today...

  13. always love your photos. I just hate it when I dropped my camera. I am not going to tell you that later on the damage showed up, which cost me $200 to fix. Lucky you to have only scratches. I am trying to clean up beginning of the year stuff so I can play. I love that first picture of playing.

  14. whew....lucky you! i can just imagine how high your heart jumped as you watched it happening!

  15. My husband dropped my camera last year onto an airport hangar concrete floor. Camera okay. Lens not. But he fixed it later so I forgave him. I'm so glad yours is okay - I'm putting my filters on right away! P.s. Love the light in these photos!

  16. GAH!!!!! I fear dropping my camera...I always try and wear my strap for that reason. Well thankfully nothing was broken! These photos are wonderful...funny seeing all that green grass!

  17. One of my worst fears is dropping my cameras. Glad yours came out with only a few scratches. I need to organize my pics, too - dread it.

  18. yikes! sheesh! so glad it's not broken!!!
    it's so nice to see some warm sunny weather in these photos.... brrr....

  19. Me too !
    Can't wait to come to your house to play !
    Happy Wednesday !

  20. Oh, I do indeed have lens filters on all my lenses. Haven't dropped my camera yet, but I'm sure it's in my future. Isn't it fun playing in the archives? Love these!

  21. Yikes on the camera dropping. I bet you held your breath the entire time you were checking to see if it broke. So glad it's okay.
    xo jj

  22. It's fun to play with archived photos. Know what you mean -- I dropped my poor camera on its head so many times it finally said farewell! Glad yours is ok!

  23. That's another thing I am on the fence about. I have filters on my lenses, but then a fellow photographer friend asked me why I would put such a cheap thing on top of my lenses that cost thousands...she's kind of got a point. Why spend that kind of cash on the glass if the filters degrade the image?
    But I still don't have the guts to take the filters off. I like security, you know?


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