January 31, 2012


"hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly"
i'm thinking: that taking the time to do absolutely nothing is a true gift to ourselves
i'm creating: a list of other editing programs to share with all of you
i'm feeling: lucky to be loved the way i am and slightly spoiled
what are you thinking, creating or feeling?


  1. beth...i'm feeling thankful i made time to visit with you here today - i always love visiting you. the gull wings are so elegant.

  2. Oh to be able to soar like that on the wind. Beautiful capture of God's creation.
    I am being productive cleaning out a closet and the creative ideas from what I thought I wanted to throw away are flooding in, so back in the closet they go. Kinda' fun seeing what once was thought lost. So am I really cleaning out the closet?

    God bless and keep you safe.

  3. I'm thinking I should come down and visit you! Ha ha ha!
    Glad to see some of those gulls are smart enough not to live in Midwestern parking lots!

  4. Oh , I want beach. Or forest . Or outside.

  5. I'm thinking many of us must be feeling the lightness of the warmer-than-usual air, since so many of the bloggers I follow are including birds in flight in their photos this week - and that makes my heart soar.

  6. sigh... i want to be there, too. i love the sight and sound of seagulls. april, please get here soon!

    that's the wonderful thing about the florida coastline... no matter where you are at on it, if you are the beach, it all looks the same... WONDERFUL.

    lucky you to be there. i really hope you are enjoying yourself... but i guess i don't have to hope, 'cause i know you, and you ARE!

    one more thing... next time, take me with you, dang it!

  7. Loving those shots . . . what I would give to be by the ocean right about now.

  8. I'm thinking it would be pure gift to see the ocean.

  9. I'm thinking how awesome blogging is.....that I get to share
    in the wonder and beauty
    as other bloggers experience it
    and it stretches my life richer
    and more vast
    and colorful
    than I'd ever know
    if I wasn't blogging.
    And I'm glad!
    Glad for you.
    Glad for me.
    Glad for all of us together!

  10. I am thinking how very blessed I am, for all I have, and how much love I am surrounded with. And that today is/was a good, good day.

    Love to you, Beach Baby !

  11. OK -- I don't know what I did this time. I'm still having trouble, but I got the box to come up so go figure. Maybe it's me, not blogger. Who knows?!

  12. Lovely sequence of shots. They almost look like sepia ink pen and wash paintings!

  13. I am envisioning a new collage painting today. Can't wait to get started on it
    Beautiful pics

  14. believe it or not, am enjoying a snow day here today! not much of it...but i'll take a day off anytime. making snowmen with the little ones, yes! love these seagull images, beth. love them. xx

  15. i am thinking that i am blown away by these AMAZING photos...

  16. SEASIDE!!!! Love it and those birds!

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  18. I'm thinking about packing and the fun I'm looking forward to. And I'm thinking that days that are just about "being" are some of the best.

  19. these are wonderful and serene captures, beth!

  20. i had that quote on a poster when i was a teenager. :) these photos re wonderful.
    thinking a lot lately, about all kinds of stuff, feeling energetic and creative and just a little bit wiggly-spirited.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth