October 6, 2011

overwhelming perhaps....

this time of year gives us the opportunity to take hundreds of photos. which i do. 
then my computer screams "what the heck are doing" as i continue to load more and more photos while watching my memory space go lower and lower.
don't think for a moment that i'm complaining about having too many photos to play with or the opportunity to take them. 
winter will be here soon enough and that's when the real whining complaining begins. 

when i mentioned my son's 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago, i didn't have a recent photo of him that i loved. WHAT. me. the girl who has a camera attached to her hand didn't have a recent photo of her son. that's just wrong. yeah. whatever. like i said. i didn't have one that i liked.
i snapped this one the other day as he was leaving for work. and i kind of love this one.

back to the hundreds, well thousands of photos. 
this one is from last year and i don't think i ever used it.
that's just wrong. i think my new years resolution will be organizing all of my photos so that the ones i share here, with all of you, are from within the current year. 
the only problem with this is....well, i don't make new years resolutions

we ate dinner out last night and i snapped this with my cell phone 
while he was busy telling us about his cool keyboarding class 
where the teacher wants to be called by his first name. biff. 

ohhhh. farmer's market fresh mushrooms being sold by a fun guy.

peppers anyone

last but  not least in this post of true randomness....
this is how you dress when your badgers are playing a home game.
you throw on everything RED that you own and parade yourself up and down state street.
now this is where i could go into a huge story about how we be beat the pants off of nebraska last weekend. whooped them actually and sent them home crying. 
but i won't do that. 
that's just mean.


  1. Loving all these photographs and oh my Beth, your son is so handsome!!!! I love the one you love but I also love the one in the restaurant where he is just being himself...talking about "Biff" (and here I only thought that name was a name given Back to the Future!! lol!!).

    Glad you aren't going to brag on about sending the Nebraskans home crying cos that just would be so not like you!!! ;)

  2. Yes, I played the "after joke drum beat" in my head after reading your fun guy comment. Da-dun-chiiing!

  3. Your son looks so much like his handsome daddy. And he didn't have that disgusted look that teenagers have when their mom wants to photograph them, now that he's not a teen any longer. (Just remember, their judgment centers don't mature until the mid-20s.) Love the peppers and your restraint at not gloating.

  4. Red is the Husker color too, so red is a big deal here in Nebraska. Nice shot with the red hat.

    Your son is so good looking. He could be a model.

  5. your son is handsome. nice shot. and at least his name isn't Biff...

  6. Fun photos! Love the one of your son and his great smile!

    I whine during winter too, but I whine worse in the summer months. We are all allowed. :-)

  7. Wonderful captures all. Especially of your son. He is a handsome dude. Glad you got a good one of him to cherish.

  8. There must have been a sea of red that day! What a cutie your son is.

  9. missed your space while I have been on a haitus,Beth,beautiful image series...and a belated HBD to that good looking son of yours`

  10. Great shots! I can SO relate to this post! Oh, and nice play on the fun guy word and photo!

  11. your son has that fun and distinctive "smiling with your eyes" thing going on - a spark of mama's playful personality me thinks. such a joy to see!
    {you figure that photo organizing out... pls let us know!}

  12. Hey, I came over from The Blue Ridge Gal, the name of your blog caught my eye but then . . . I'm a native Wisconian myself. I grew up close to Madison, Greenlake County, I now live in the panhandle of Texas but represent with the accent. (The comment is generally, "You're not from Texas, are you.) Enjoyed the photos!

  13. Wow - LOVE the photos. Glad you're a photographer because I really enjoy your work!

  14. I love a man who will wear red...and matching accessories too!

  15. Gorgeous pics, I especially love the one from last year and the one of your son. I don't make new year resolutions either!

  16. What a beautiful collection of photos, Beth. Your boy is so handsome. I'm just like you... in not having a recent picture of my own boys that I like. I must remedy that soon. And your fun guy made me laugh. ;)

  17. A handsome young man for sure

    There is something about the mushrooms photograph that really talks to me...Which kind are those?

  18. Always like mushies from a fun guy, you kook !

    Love the shots of the man-son, and the wonders of fall. All that color will keep you sane in the whining season.

    Happy Thursday !

  19. Boy, your boy has grown up since I started reading you! And I had to laugh with this post because I'd just finished uploading way too many pictures and picassa keeps telling me my space is getting low or some such thing! What's a Jeanie to do?

  20. Enjoyed those and what a good looking son you have!

  21. doh! i missed you at the farmer's market! there probably aren't too many left.

    and i'm right there with you, crazy-camera-lady. i'm realizing winter was created so i could step back get some processing done. ;o)

  22. Love your randomness! I need to organize my photos someday...they are still and probably always will be in day to day folders:)

    Love love love both shots of your son! He doesn't look a bit like a troublemaker:)...well maybe a little bit of mischief in his eye:)

  23. Ha! Biff...

    That is a fabulous picture of your son, can totally see why you love it.

    You are so cute. :)

  24. And of course you wouldn't want to be mean! That is a great picture of your son, I see you there in his face.

  25. love that last photo! and nice pics of your son, too.

    and i love your subtle little joke... mushrooms sold by a fun guy. hahaha.

    i have so many photos to organize. that might be the nice thing about taking a blog break... i can spend more time on that. organization of photography always gets pushed to the back burner so that i can devote time to blogging/writing/posting/playing with the photos... *sigh*

  26. Awesome pics, Beth!
    What a library you must be

  27. Every time I come here my eyes just giggle with delight.

  28. Gotta love the red hat :)

  29. my favorites - the MOSS! no, the PEPPERS! no wait, the MUSHROOMS! (not to mention your adorable son - GREAT portrait.)


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