March 14, 2011

mixed emotions...

oh march
you really are making me kind of like you
did you blog this weekend
i meant to
but my creativity to produce something worth reading or looking at
refused to wake up
it did slightly open an eye and look at me as i tip toed past it
but when i went to give it a hug
it rolled over and moaned and shook a wagging index finger at me
i knew then i'd have to wait a bit
i collected quotes saturday night
while my computer melted into my lap
well not really
"quote quotes"
it was more like
i read and wrote and copied down combinations of words that i fell in love with
now granted
the quote above is real with a real author
but do you know what i mean by collecting words
words that don't really know each other
or have very much in common
i feel like they should live together
where i can be their landlord and set them all up in cute little apartments
force them to be friends
i can just tell
they'll really like each other
once they're all playing together
tell me that makes sense and i'm not crazy
i think another cup of tea is calling. it is monday after all.
the bills need to paid. the undone laundry is running around the house screaming catch me if you can. and as always the kitchen is teasing me. making me believe that my creativity will work in there. but after years of disappointment i don't fall for that game anymore. okay i lie.
i do fall. over and over again. because we do have to eat. but never do i leave that room with a smile on my face. well unless i've plated up take out. then we're all pretty happy.
happy monday


  1. Charles Dickens must have lived in this part of the country!

  2. it is warm here - you need to move south permanently. it was almost 80 and i sweated as i worked in the house yesterday.

    my creativity bit this week

  3. Oh, I discovered yesterday when I opened up my saved writing that I hadn't written anything but comments on blogs for 3 (!) days. Is this contagious? A few months ago I did collect phrases that sang to me. You have some today that needs to go into a journal I've decided to keep; I decided it while reading your post. May we have a productive word mill week! ~hugs~

  4. When you gather all those strangers, words that don't know each other, together, they do play very old friends.

  5. Oh, I can just imagine your little word commune trying to adapt to working and living together. Bumping up against one another with cries of "He touched me!" "Move over!" And the occasional "What's your sign?" :)

  6. Wow. Great quote for these parts!
    No. You don't sound crazy. Quite lovely actually.
    Great post!
    Now tell your kitchen duties to SCRAM! You have words to play with!

  7. I normally feel like you about the kitchen, BUT this weekend I spent practically my entire waking hours (slightly exagerrated) in there and created a few amazing things! Pat myself on the back.

    Great perspective and light on your capture!

  8. LoL I really DO know what you mean about collecting random words! I've done it for years. I'd be reading and a word will jump up at me and I'd have to write it down! Until I'd compiled a loooooong list of them. Words like, antagonistic-Dogmatic-scrutinize. You know! Interesting words. It's nice to hear i'm not the only one! And thank you for that!___=^..^=___Kittie

  9. Happy Monday, Beautiful Beth. Hope you and the words play nice together today !
    Love ya !

  10. Oh! I just love that quote!! And it is so perfect right now!!!

  11. Such a perfect quote and I know what you mean about finding words that you like.. quotes or otherwise.

  12. My blogging has taken a direct hit from my life as of late- I am lucky if I can do a post a week. Waaaa! But I collect words and combos ALL the time in a notebook so I get that! Love it!!! Have a great week!!!

  13. I like the Dicken's quote and your photo illustrates it well. You always make perfect sense to me, Beth. I know exactly what you mean about words and food. However, I'm not sure what that reveals about me...or you.

  14. It's obvious your creativity let you hug it this morning! Wonderful, fun post! I love the way you play with words!

  15. I think Charles Dickens summed up March perfectly. It was like that this afternoon here in Maryland.

    And I sort of understand what you're trying to say about those words.

  16. I love your playing with words and that you'd be the landlord and make them live and play together...because they'd get along. Maybe you need to visit my classroom...

  17. the dickens is wonderful. and laundry can always wait. i like the way you get words to play together...

  18. I love that quote! And I started collecting words when I was about 13, just in the way you say, i have great stacks of them lying around in my mind, it gets a little cluttered in there sometimes...

  19. Well hello there Ms Creavtive...LOL...nice of you to show you face....

    You say you werent feeling creative but you sure could of fooled me! I really like this post.

  20. been using all my creativity in the kitchen this I have 5 minutes to blog stopping by here all the time!

  21. I know just what you mean
    about collecting words's like making quilt squares,
    just because they make your eyes happy.
    And then, at some point,
    from a different place in your brain,
    you have a go at piecing them together.
    Well, I've never made a quilt.
    But it seems like that's how it would be.

    And I DO LOVE the way you put words together!
    (your quilts are gorgeous)

  22. I am a new reader and very touched by your effortless cadence. Your writing sounds like the ideas are being formed just before they melt onto the page, like many ice cream flavors all together. Charming!

  23. I just discovered your blog and think it's beautiful. Good job for being talented.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth