March 11, 2011

bring in the clouds....and maybe join me for an adventure

see the clouds in this photo
they're fake
they're not really fake
they're just from a different photo
my original bird photo felt a bit naked
i warmed it up
who would have thought
that an orange floridian cloudy sky lit from behind by a sunset
would make a cold wisconsin photo
hee hee
i did
last month
my big mouth mentioned something about
"make it pretty mondays in march"
that didn't happen
did it
{my bad}
{but at the end of this post i have something else up my sleeve}
i'm kind of giddy today. it's warming up to 50.
after a scary night last night
that made me contemplate a visit to the emergency room
{that's a post within itself}
i'm just glad to be alive
it wasn't that bad
it was scary
have an amazing weekend everyone
if you really want to GIFT yourself with something terrific
please please please
WATCH all THREE of these videos
which will make you very happy
i'm contemplating doing what is done at the very end
{in the last video}
would love to have all of you
who still own a film camera
to join me on what could be an amazing adventure
are you game


  1. Beauitful images..both.
    I can't even remember what 50 degrees feels like...sigh.
    Glad you are feeling better- enjoy the weekend.
    Off to watch the videos.

  2. first off ... really hope you are ok, beth ...
    *hugs* to settle the fear ... xo

    secondly ... love how you married the two images ...
    i am kinda a fan of taking two to make one ...
    and you have done it beautifully here! : )

    awww and thanks for directing us to these uplifting videos at georgie-girls ... mmmm two gifts in one ... : )

    have a most lovely weekend *fear free* please!

  3. Oh dear. I hope you are truly okay... Sounds very scary and I hope it is over.

    Love the photo 'cheating'. :)

  4. Loved those videos. The guy is a natural. He should be a documentary filmmaker. Love his voice and his 'eye' for great film editing.

  5. 50 degrees ???? seriously ????

  6. Hey!!!! I have film!!! Was already over there and fell in love!!!!! Game on.

  7. No film here Beth, just words of hope you are alright. have a great weekend. hugs.

  8. Yeah, it's a balmy 45 here in Philly area, and it feels great. Glad you didn't have to go to the hospital....but there are great blog opportunities there...did I out loud?

  9. Hope you're doing better--50? that sounds so lovely.

  10. hoping you're okay... i don't like ER contemplations in the middle of the night. no fun at all.

  11. I'm thinking you are feeling a lot better. I know I couldn't edit a photo with a migraine still hanging on me. Wishes for a pain-free weekend for you.

  12. I just watched the videos about the lost film. What a story! As in a movie, I liked the ending!

  13. I hope you're feeling well again! Poor you... I've been there, too, so I can absolutely relate...
    Wonderful photos! Now I'm off to watch those videos! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Nice job on those photos! Have a great weekend

  15. Hope you're okay! Those clouds fit in beautifully!

  16. Hey, you're making us worry about you.. stop that! Seriously, I hope you're ok.

    Love what you did to bring the cloudy element into your photo and I really enjoyed those videos. I think that would be a good idea.

  17. wonderfully subtle, the cloudiness.
    glad you're ok.
    not having to go to the e.r: priceless.

    now on to those videos...

  18. love the clouds! i hope you are better now. and here is a hug.
    love the videos, what a wonderful story.

  19. I just hope you are feeling better and have a great and restful weekend...

    Fun Photoshop skills!

    Heading over to Georgia's now to check out the rest of the videos...


  20. i'm glad you're ok - hope you are felling much better now

  21. seriously, those vids were so cool!...and her blog so lovely.

  22. uh-oh, miss beth.
    i hope all is well.
    here i am... up in the middle of the night 'cause i feel "weird"...
    maybe braxton hicks {sp??} contractions?
    not sure... just know it's something i've never felt before.

    so, i'm reading your post, and i just knew before i finished it
    that you would throw out the idea that you wanted to do the same
    with some film photos you took and a canister of film...
    i just knew it!
    you are that kind of person.
    and sure enough, just as i thought,
    you added how you want to do that too.
    i'd so be in with you if i had a film camera.
    but alas, i don't.
    do those even still exist??

    you better be okay, girly!
    let us know a.s.a.p.


  23. So glad things are turning about. Make it Pretty Monday, hun?

  24. Hi Beth, you havent blogged this weekend. I hope you are OK. and I loved the videos. thankyou for the links. May I use them?

  25. I got goosebumps when I saw the end of the third!!! What a fantastic idea!!! I just might have to dust off my old film camera...never thought I would find a use for it....until now!


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