February 4, 2011

time for a break...

my daughter turns 23 tomorrow. i was 23 when she was born.
i look back now and think
how'd we do that
but we did something right. she's truly amazing.
i watched reruns of ally mcbeal on our "snow day" wednesday.
gosh. i used to love that show.
oh. and then i took a nap.
have you had the ghirardelli "milk chocolate with caramel" squares.
i think the label is misprinted. nowhere does it say hugely addicting.
i went to the doctor for my shoulder blade/neck pain.
she agreed with me. i'm a mess.
i'm doing traction again and will go back to physical therapy if it doesn't resolve itself.
have a great weekend. i'll be eating birthday cake
watching the packers
win the super bowl. what. you heard me.
come on. it's our turn.
you know it is.
~go packers~


  1. Go Packers!
    Sounds like a fun weekend.
    Have a good one.

  2. well, i hate that you may have to do therapy, but i want you to feel good. hurting sucks. take care, chocolate out and relaaaaxxx. you have been a busy girl.


  3. Keep us posted on how you do with your physical therapy. You seem awfully young to be having the same problems I'm having. Good luck!

  4. Oh wow. If you fold yourself in half, you're 23 again! :)

    I hope the shoulder/neck thingy can be treated. Stress or an old injury? Get to feeling better - you know we can't afford to have your shutterbugness impacted any...

    Happy birthday to your 'litle' girl... :)

  5. I just purchased some of those little squares yesterday ... for Valentine's Day of course ... but somebody has to taste test those little guys!

    Heal well, Beth ... and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Have fun celebrating!

    Hey, i have been having shoulder blade/neck pain. Went to the chiro and had never done that before. Got some deep tissue massage which has helped a lot. Hope you get relief soon. that is awful!

  7. Happy Birthday to your grown up princess!!


    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!

  8. Isn't it weird when our children hit certain age milestones. As yours did. The same age we were when....

    Last year I saw one of my sons best friends from high school. He is the same age now as I was when I knew him.

  9. Have you tried the mocha/caramel ones or the dark chocolate raspberry squares? So yummy! re: the superbowl, I've got no dog in this fight this year, so good luck to your packers!

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Beth! I hope your neck feels better soon...

    And as long as we're talking about hugely addicting chocolate, let me just add Dove dark chocolate promises to that list.

  11. I loved Ally McBeal! Happy Birthday to your daughter! I had my oldest when I was 19. She's going to be 40 next year! More than TWICE as old as I was when she was born! But in my head I still feel 19 - it's the body that wanted to fast forward on me.

  12. I hope your daughter has an awesome birthday. Take care of yourself Beth and good luck on the PT. Thanks for the chocolate advice!!!!

  13. Ally McBeal was one of my faves. Happy birthday to your girl! Yeah, I don't know how we did it all but we did. Time to slow down, I think. And I do hope you get the pain figured out.
    Go Pack!

  14. Loved Ally
    Prefer Riesens for my addiction
    STEELERS....sorry <3


  15. Happy birthday and happy memories! Have a great weekend. x

  16. Happy birthday for your sweet daughter. Hope you have the most amazing weekend all together.
    And I'll cheer for your packers to winn the game.
    Be well Beth. Good luck with the therapy.

  17. There's nothing like a good day of vegging! Any kind of quality chocolate is highly addictive!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    : )

  18. Sorry...it's Steelers' all the way!!
    Sounds like a wonderful day! And anything with chocolate and caramel is addicting!! Ha!

  19. Do you get to eat the chocolates while doing therapy? If not, skip the therapy.

  20. Haven't we said that we are alot alike? Are you really a mess and in physical therapy now too? I am a huge mess of stiffness and pain and can't get out of this chair now...let alone put on boots. But, Beth, I am from WNY and am rooting for the PACKERS!!!! Go Green Bay!!! You can do it! You WILL do it! Yahoo! Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself and celebrate your daughter with lots of chocolate and cake galore! (Today is the food tasting at my 24-yr-old daughter's wedding site.)♥

  21. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My oldest turns 22 Sunday.
    You are so right. How ??

    go to therapy , stop jumping? :)
    eat more chocolate.

    and I love that photo. I want spring .

  22. happy BD to her.
    and to you.
    mother's should not be forgotten.........x

  23. I'm sorry you are likely to do traction again. I sure hope it really, really works this time. And happy, happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  24. I know, isn't it crazy? my son just turned 25...it seems like so very long ago and just yesterday all at the same time.
    i'm not sure who we are rooting for tomorrow, really, my husband just wants brett favre to win :) it's going to take him a long time to get over it...
    i usually just root for the commercials.
    i hope the packers win for you!
    and i hope you feel better.

  25. Oh I do hope you are feeling better very soon. Enjoy the cake and the rest. If the Packers win, that's OK with me. We want our friends to be happy now.

  26. sharing your neck and back pain
    and go packers spirit
    but nibbling australian red licorice
    instead of cake.
    Happy weekend and congrats
    on the job well done, mom!

  27. i too loved ally mcbeal :) i never saw the final season and just added it to my list of things to pick up at the library

    i'm imagining you savoring the cake, savoring the carmels, and savoring your kids ♥

  28. I'm for the Packers, too! Sound like you'll have a wonderful weekend, shoulder issues not included. Have fun!

  29. i'm really enjoying your blog and wish i could
    come to the beach and jump for you. these are such thoroughly joyful images.

    years ago i found a copy of philippe halsman's 'jump book' and i always thought it was one of the most fascinating ways to take portraits.

  30. Yay! Go Packers! AJ Hawk was on our last National Championship Buckeye team and I think it would be so wonderful for him to get a Superbowl ring, too. I hope that you heal up. Neck and back pain is horrible. Drink lots of water and use your heating pad and enjoy your weekend.

  31. The second half of the Super Bowl is starting and I'm guessing you're a pretty happy Packers fan :-)
    Happy birthday to your daughter and I really hope you're feeling better soon.
    Cheers, jj

  32. Sorry about your shoulder.
    So glad to see the Packers win.
    I occasionally come across a show I used to watch and it's funny how my interest wanes fast.

  33. I've been suffering with the shoulder blade neck pain for three years - physical therapy, massage, chiropractor.. you name it. No matter what I try, it comes and goes. Period. AND.. I"m told to "just relax".

    Yeah... there's that.

  34. On my visit to the orthopedist last week for my terrible shoulder and knee pain, I found out that I have "severe" arthritis and he is recommended joint replacements. Are you kidding me? Four joints! I can't take NSAIDS because of my gastric ulcer and there is only a limited amount of steroid injections that can be done, especially since four sites are affected. Physical therapy is excruciating. He says I hurt because bone is rubbing on bone. I have a lot of thinking to do. I must move out of my home of 13 years - can't afford the $2300/month rent since my job loss two years ago...don't know where I'm going - my $25,000 in savings are gone now. Aging is not so much fun!

  35. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon, Beth...a little chocolate could definitely help. ;)
    Happy belated to your daughter!!!


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