February 24, 2011

and you thought i was the only dork living here....

earlier this week
we had a storm that went from
rain to freezing rain to thunder to snowflakes the size of duck feathers to sleet to more snow
when the sky really opened up
looking like a feather pillow fight was taking place
up on our roof
my hubby said
"i'm running out and catching those flakes on my tongue"
i said
"you dork"

you didn't think i wouldn't grab my camera
did you
i stood inside
in my jammies
shooting the above said dork while he acted five
while i laughed out loud
i decided i didn't want him to have all the fun
i quickly grabbed my
"doesn't this make me look like a lumberjack"
ran outside while he ran inside
to discover that the huge flakes had instantly turned to sleet
i was now being pelted to death
so i made an ice ball
threw it at my hubby
praying that i wouldn't break the window
it was a good sunday
at the house of dorks


  1. Dear Dorks... hee hee... I would so totally wear the lumberjack hat! Totally.. LOL


  2. Love this! I found it so hard to get good pictures that showed just how massive those snow flakes were (duck feathers...perfect!) I think the one that your hubby caught perfectly shows it!

  3. Good thing it didn't hit the camera lens! For a couple of dorks, you're pretty adorable.

  4. Love it! JuST LOVE IT! YOu 2 are the most fun dorks I have ever seen:)))
    Way to make all that lovely frozen rain into a fun moment:)

  5. We should share Dork House stories in greater detail. It would take all day and all night, but we would laugh our butts off. I too live in a house of dorks. Laughter keeps us sane.♥ Here comes the newest snowstorm...

  6. tomorrow is our snow day, 15 cm, can't wait to haul out our snowshoes.

  7. If you lived in Florida, you'd miss out on this kind of fun. A couple of very good-looking dorks!


  8. In Muncie, Indiana, we had that same exact weather! I rushed outside to photograph the snowflakes and my environs. And...I wouldn't call either you or your cute hubby a dork because then I'd have to admit to being one. :)

  9. These shots just make me smile!!! I love dorks!!!

  10. You guys are both such joys!!! Thanks for the laughs!

  11. I love you dumbass dorks !

    I have a hat like that but it is real fur (mink) on the outside. I call it my Russian Elmer Fudd hat. I did not buy it - it was a hand me up but it is the warmest piece of clothing I own. Need that for those storms of the century we have had a few times this year...

    I think it will be over soon...then you can find other entertainment for your dorky selves.
    Hugs !

  12. Everyone should have such dorky days. Such fun. :)

  13. Long live dorkdum. here ye here ye!



  14. My husband brings out the dork in me, too. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  15. you make snow look FUN....(shhhh, I will have to kill you if you tell any of my Texas friends) what a JOYful filled post...I hope to meet your snow-feathered-tongue hubby someday!

  16. Endearingly wonderful thing to share. Thank you so much! There seem to be so much negativity on the net anymore that to come across your post war a rare jewel in my day. Thanks again!

  17. You are the real deal.
    Living joy .
    And I love your hand.

  18. I liked this.

    Very very much!

  19. You two are just too damned adorable. :)

  20. oh i love the hat! and the snow - and the dorkiness! joyful, joyful!

  21. Ha ha! We should all be such dorks. Wishing you many more such moments!

  22. It is so healthy to play and be dorks together. Loved the hat.

  23. makes me ALMOST think I would like the snow for a day... maybe not.

  24. Oh, I love it when big people act like little people. And who wouldn't when feather flakes are falling!


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