February 25, 2011

i got tired and bored....

so i ran to the local antique shop for something to do
to gain a bit of inspiration
that always seems to dissolve during the month of february

not my feet
or my boots
i would have bought them in a heartbeat if i wore a size 5

this is my favorite new sweater
created by a local artist who takes old sweaters
cuts them up and wha-la
makes new ones
i love her talent

"not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
{ a quote by probably someone famous}
i hope all of you and your loved ones
have the best weekend ever
{ps....thanks mom and dad}


  1. Love the sweater and I wish that store was close to me! Have a great weekend!

  2. okay,
    the photos are unbelievable.
    the sweater ditto
    your whole outfit,

    the fact that you did this.

  3. i love your outfit and especially the boots!

  4. ohh thrifting & antiquing sooth me so much, especially when i need a break... thanks for taking me along on your little journey :) did you get anything... ohh it is so hard to leave with out taking something with, but now that i photograph more often, i seem to be able to!

    i love seeing shots of you too ♥

    ps ~ my blog is broken, i will soon be up and running on wordpress... if I can figure out how to make a darn quote box!

  5. Nice job on finding interesting subjects! Especially that cute thin girl in the sweater!!!

  6. Ooh, don't you love talented people who take what someone would throw away and turn it into something, not only beautiful, but useful? Love being with you on your shopping day.

  7. How beautiful! I love that store, your photos and your sweater! And also the boots you're wearing! :-)

  8. I am seriously in love with your sweater...it looks like Anthropologie! Does she sell on-line? Great photos too...looks like a wonderful day!

  9. Love, love, love that sweater. I also thought it looked like Anthropologie. Now a visit to the local antique mall/shop is always something that makes my heart sing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Some great shots with your wonderful eye. I've had mixed reactions when using my camera in a store. I was looking at your outfit and thinking how much I like the way you dress. I thought you were all layered until you mentioned the sweater. Very cool!

  11. I love all the shots, love your sweater. you have such a wonderful style. hugs, have a great weekend.

  12. oooh, those BOOOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

    The sweater is awesome too, very creative, love the colors -

    And I love those vintage sheep too, I don't know why...

  13. terrific place to go for inspiration
    and you certainly made the most of it.
    great shots (and great sweater)

  14. I love love love that layered look! You look so artistic. :)

  15. Oh what a store...and that sweater is just great! What a neat idea to take old and make new...love that!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!!!

  16. You're so irrepressibly cute!

  17. First, I couldn't agree more -- antique stores are wonderful spots for a needed dose of inspiration! Love the aging technique you do to enhance the photos.

    And your sweater is indeed wonderful and you wear it perfectly. It's fun and funky and happy. What more could you want?

  18. What a wonderful shop..I want to go..Also love the sweater.

  19. I want the green glass bottles and the heart-shaped cookie cutters and those BOOTS! and your sweater. Not necessarily in that order...

  20. Loved this. Your photos are well, delicious actually. The rug that the boots are on? Looks a little like my living room rug. It's been here in the house since the 1960's. There is a matching stair-runner up the back stairs and along the second floor landing.
    Where can I get one of those cool sweaters? You are a total fashionista.

  21. Beth, That last photo has given me an inspiration of what to do with my Mother's old costume jewelry! I love the antique photos you took. And - I LOVE the old/new sweater. Great weekend to you and your Family.

  22. I, also loved the sweater and the boots!!!Does she sell on line??? Love the pictures as well...someday I hope to have time to do that...Enjoy you weekend as well. Beth

  23. Looks like a fun day! Love the sweater, so creative, does she have a shop in town?

  24. I love the sweater and the pictures. I have a marble jar just like that.

  25. Oh thanks for the inspiration on this cold and windy day. The photos are delightful--and so is your sweater.

  26. Thanks for taking us on you fun trip. And I love that sweater - does she have a site?

  27. I have a sweater like that, made by a local artisan out of old sweaters...but yours looks soo much more stylish I have to say! Love all your shots at the antique shop!

  28. Love the sweater, and it looks like you found some great inspiration! Happy Weekend, February is almost over...

  29. always love shopping with you !! happy weekend friend!!

  30. Love, love love the sweater, Miss Beth ! Gorgeous.
    And the photos, well, wowza, you are good...
    I hope you have a superb Saturday, Lovely One !

  31. Have a good weekend yourself! Stay warm and dry and cozy!___=^..^=___Kittie

  32. Awesome photos! Creepy baby doll! You look as beautiful as always.

  33. i love this post and you my sweet friend!! you are just so darn cool! xox

  34. What an inspiration and it it free. I love old objects from the past. They pick up the personality of the owners. Fun. Ditto on the boots somewhere above.

  35. Nice sweater...nice photos too.

  36. A true lady after my own heart!
    I LOVE antiquing! And from the
    looks of your photos, you were
    in a real jewel of a place. I
    adore your outfit Beth! And
    those boots! I want your boots.

  37. Looks like you found buried treasure at the antique shop. And - I love the concept of your new/old sweater. Wonderful!

  38. I LOVE your sweater! Gosh, you have a great figure. I hope my 8-pound-to-lose diet works...

  39. I need to find a shop like that one.

  40. Gorgeous photos - and yes, an amazing sweater!!!

  41. you, my girl ... are too funky fun!

    what a sweet little shop filled with delights ...
    that nice little shortie fur coat behind you in
    your full length shot is pretty cute!
    i will only wear the vintage ones, so the little
    creatures can be 're-loved' : )

    and isn't that always the case? the coolest boots
    i come across never fit this cinderella!
    and yes, i love the talent of your friend ...
    awesome creation!

    cheers ~

  42. What an awesome sweater! Love your photos especially the jar of what looks like threaded bobbins. So do you usually find places like that receptive to having photos taken? Guess I've been too much of a scaredy cat to ask.


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