February 15, 2011

just an ordinary day...

our air is strangely warm and the sun has been amazing
the melting has begun
only as a tease. we know winter is still technically here. but i'm not complaining. instead i'm savoring it. i even went for a walk in the park yesterday.
have i ever told you that i hate treadmills with a passion. well i do.
a woman's place, by barbara delinsky
the dive from clausen's pier, by ann packer
look again, by lisa scottoline
i'm so happy for you, by lucinda rosenfeld
beyond the waves, by elizabeth marek
these are the books that have captured my attention so far this winter. if i read 5 pages in a book and it doesn't suck me in. then it's not a book for me and it quickly goes back on the shelf.
obviously all of these books sucked me in. immediately.
i have a hard time recommending books to other people though. books and movies. i mean just because i loved it doesn't mean you will. but if you happen to be in a bookstore wandering around aimlessly this weekend, you might want to have my list handy. just in case.
in the afternoons i have been watching "the talk" which i had completely laughed at when it was first advertised. i have to say. for the most part. i like it.
is anyone besides me watching the bachelor. it's not that i love this show. it's the fact that it's a train wreck that keeps me interested.
the whole photo shoot with the bikinis last night. sheesh. but hey. at least michelle is finally gone. i think with all the therapy brad's gotten he's finally wising up.
so what do think.
is it going to be emily in the end. can you believe she's only 24.
or will it be chantal the funeral director.
have i mentioned lately that i can't wait for summer


  1. the sun is shining here today, it is cold but the sun makes it seem warm, plus, the light has changed, you can feel spring inching its way in...
    tomorrow, heat wave, 44... i will be running or walking in that!
    i read the dive from clausen's pier a while back and really liked it...after my giant hemingway project is over i will be looking for some new reads!

  2. The Talk has grown on me as well... and I too, am glad that Brad finally got rid of Michelle... but I think Emily is too good for him. Bring on summer!

  3. It's warming here in Denver, too, Beth - into the 60's today. And yesterday, I saw crocus shoots - way too early, but they made me happy. Enjoy your respite from winter as you dream of summer.

  4. you're funny. and thanks for the book list.

  5. i think it's chantel. in the end i don't think brad thinks that he can live up to that ghost.

    *whispers* it was 80 in my car when i went to the bank at lunch today.

    i have picked up "i'm so happy for you" about three times and wondered about it. hmmm currently i'm reading "nanny returns"

    tom petty is playing on my ipod - life is good.

  6. I am an avid reader - can't go to sleep without getting atleast a little reading time in - and I'm the same way, if it doesn't grab me immediately it goes back on the shelf.

    I haven't watched the Bachelor since Aaron Buerge tossed Brook and Helene around. I don't know how the women can stand being in that situation and I feel so bad for them when they make total fools of themselves. It's just not a reasonable situation.

  7. I missed The Bachelor last night while at a meeting (I know -- a meeting on Valentine's Day that started at 6 p.m. and ran til 9?). Go home just after 10, so I had to do an online catch-up this morning. Knew there wasn't that spark with Britt. Happy Michelle went home. Emily's right not to have introduced her child to men she's dated -- and from the previews, maybe she shouldn't have broken her rule for Brad. Don't know who's going to be left standing at the end, but I'm not sure Brad's a prize. These little sessions with the man-therapist are a little too contrived. And can't someone PLEASE tell all these numbskulls the difference between objective and subjective case? If I hear Brad say, "Things are going well between Emily and I" once more, I may scream.

  8. The thermometer says it's warmer, but my bones say that it isn't. Thanks for the book list.
    And thank you for being you. :D

  9. Oh gosh honestly, I have not watched TV in so long! Weird, I know. I watched Ellen for the first time in months yesterday while folding laundry and about peed my pants. God, I love that woman! Yeah...life is good.

  10. Thanks for the book recommendations. I am starting to hope for Emily. Enjoy the sunshine whenever it shines.

  11. I watch Survivor, the Amazing Race, American Idol and Top Chef...no time for more reality shows I'm afraid:) I do love some good book suggestions though!

  12. Beth I don't watch the show , I think it is insane....or is it me, not sure.lol.

  13. It's our warmest February day ever, I think. I smile -- it gives me hope!

    Don't watch, but if you like, I might be curious!

  14. Tread mills are monotonous, horrible soul killing machines. Boring, so boring, makes time slow down horrible machines. I recently joined a gym to get myself through the cold wet months before I can return to my beloved mountain..and I am hating it! Oh, I miss my mountain immensely.

    I have to admit...I got sucked in...I am watching The Bachelor too..I made the mistake of watching the first episode out of mild curiosity, and it sucked me in. And yeah...what was up with that Michelle chick? Yikes!!!!


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