August 19, 2008

"part two with Misty"....grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy

When I filled out my class evaluation for VR
~the day after my workshop~
I had written it with hopes of really
being able to
convey to Kathy how wonderful
Misty had been
I'm going to reuse some of what I wrote
in hopes that many of you can feel
just a tiny bit
what I felt in the two days
I spent with Misty

Misty is
talented and warm
extremely genuine
unique and honest
She is immediately approachable
and was "there" for all of us
consistently making us feel that our talents
were reachable
She guides with a passion that opens your heart
and makes you feel awake
and alive
and takes away that
"yes, I think I can be an artist"
and replaces it with
"I AM an artist"
I walked away from class
feeling confident.
Not only in my art
but in my life.

This photo is from one of her demonstrations
which you need to see to believe
as she moves at a speed
that needs its own word
I could say lightning or warp
but honestly
it's "misty speed"
and I've never before seen anything like it
She works with everything wet
mixing and layering
moving and changing
gluing and painting
drawing and detailing
almost always
by using
only her fingers

And this is the beautiful
finished piece
and if we had used a timer
I think it might have said

total time:
30 minutes

The hands of a real artist

At the end of our workshop
I didn't have my art journal with me
for Misty to sign
so I slipped her an old piece of ledger paper
and instead of just signing it
she made me a little piece of
Misty art
that I will cherish forever
after Misty's 30 minute demonstration
I challenged myself to do the same...
I don't work fast
or messy
I like my fingers to be clean
I like things to be perfect
are really, really hard

but I will say
I was kind of impressed with myself
when I was finished
I don't think I'm done
now that I'm home
I want to keep playing with this piece
adding more layers and paint
{this is called misty disease}
And here are the photos of my
background pages
and I love them
they were much more in my comfort zone
than the faces
~did I mention faces are hard to paint~
she taught techniques for the backgrounds
and landscapes
I had never used before
and I'm now in love
with razor blades
{and right this minute
I just pressed the wrong button
and somehow blogger
just ate my last two photos}
So I will share
my other background
photos and our class picture
in part three
but I'll leave you with the
words that I had already written
so that was
my wonderful experience
in the hands of an angel
even now
I'm still walking
with my head held high
atop of
the confident path
Misty helped me find
and I plan on staying here for


  1. well done, my friend, well done!!
    i love your painting, beautiful just beautiful!!

  2. wow! You really had a wonderful all the Renaisance (sp!) images you used......It is so great to come across someone who influences you so positively.

  3. Fabulous work dahling!!!! I just *knew* you would do a fantastic job. She is the best, isn't she!

  4. Fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like you had a ton of fun and created wonderful art as well.


  5. School just began and I've been away for a few days. Oh, what a joyous post to return to. I am so very happy for you for your wonderful, luminous experience. I had to laugh when I read your description of your art making. Not rushing, not getting your hands dirty... That's me. Really, really me. Plus, I keep cleaning up as I go. Can't help it.

    Anyway, I am so thrilled for you! I just loved this post. This was my favorite line, "I walked away from this class feeling confident." Oh yeah. Go, Misty. I think that is what all good teachers do. That is certainly what I am striving each day to do.

  6. misty MawnAugust 20, 2008

    can you see my blushing smile from there? it's that big! :-)
    the piece you created in 30 minutes is awesome... all of your piece are, but to see you work outside of your comfort zone and create a great piece of art...that's wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece you started in class. ;-)
    it was so nice to have our paths meet, where we walked together, bounced on a 4 wheeler, met arthur, laughed, created art, shared stories, laughed some more, and shined...keep shinning darling and keep that head up high, right where it needs to be! I look forward to our next meeting. xoxo
    oh and thank you. thank you. thank you.

  7. Great post, Beth! You captured the class perfectly and I agree with every word that you said about Misty. Your 30 minute piece is amazing-should I challenge myself to do the same? It's kind of a scary thought!

  8. your piece is lovely and the class sounded absolutely amazing! i really love the richness of your backgrounds and textures.

  9. When you wrote this: "I walked away from class feeling confident.
    Not only in my art but in my life." I thought "Wow." No, not just "Wow." "Big, BIG WOW!" What a gift for a any teacher to receive -- that kind of praise, honor, heartfelt appreciation for what they did, how they did it, and how that class not only expanded your artistic talents but your soul as well.

    The work is lovely -- the Misty work and the Beth work. The images are beautiful -- and I couldn't agree more about faces being hard. But yours look tremendously graceful and lovely. And 30 minutes? I suspect we work the same way quite often and that would be out of my comfort level as well. But oh, the result.

    Eagerly awaiting post three!

  10. Beth, I was in class II with Misty. Can I just copy and paste your post??? You said it all!

    I am so impressed with your faces. I tried but to no avail. I promised Misty I would try again at home. Misty is simply amazing. I like that, "Misty Speed"!

    Your art is beautiful!


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