August 28, 2008

it looks like this when I write it out......

I've had many conversations
with just me
in my head
I've been hoping that nobody can see me
talking to myself
I've been a bit of a stop sign rebel
I see them
I slow down
but on the roads where I'm sure there's nobody else around
I tend to use them as yield signs
I've been loving my shopping trips to
whole foods
I bring my own bags
so that
"I'm one of them"
I can't bring myself to taste any of the dips or hummus
they have sitting out to sample
I get completely wigged out seeing other people
cram their chips into the bottom of those bowls
to snatch the last little bit of
creamy stuff
I've been watching my baby grow up
watching him
do all of his
his sister
being thrilled that they all have such great taste
yet sad
that I haven't been needed
I've been surprised at my reaction
when I hear someone mention
I'm just not ready
I've been looking for my authentic self
while wishing
I could touch the center of my dreams
what have you done lately ?
{this is one of my cottage prairie photos}


  1. sperlygirlAugust 28, 2008

    oh my, you'd fit in with drivers over here then! traffic signals....merely suggestions. ;)

  2. you are such a good writer. I wish I could write as great as you so YES I am a bit jealous.

    As for the stop sign part I always stop, BUT I love speeding especially on the highway when I have some loud music pumping.

    I know - a bit dangerous and rebellious. I promise I try to be very careful when I am speeding.

    GREAT POST and YES you can attend the flea with me anytime.



  3. Lately I've been trying to just "B" as, in the moment. Watch, listen, feel, taste, think. Amazing what happens. Have a great weekend :-)

  4. Lately I have barely taken the time to think or dream. I have run from chore to chore; from one to do list item to the next. This weekend, though. I rest. I play. I refresh. I blog.

  5. Amazing stuff that just flows from your finger tips to this page! I on the other hand got my first speeding ticket last week. Was proudly going 77 in a 55 on a country road..and you know what, I bet I was really going 80! Now I get to go to drivers school! Good thing that my new "Safe Driver Sticker" was adhered to my Illinois Drivers License as he confiscated it! I still take the scenic route on my hour commute, I just look a little close since now I can see it a little clearer!

  6. Your baby-growing-up "lately...." got to me, as I have lived through shopping with my kids, watching them shop, helping them help their kids shop, and getting so close to watching them watch... and time ticks, on toward 2009, ready or not. But I promise you this: as mom you will always be needed. In different ways, and you'll have uninterrupted poetry time, but you will be needed, for as long as your baby lives.

    This is a beautiful blog I shall spend some thoughtful time reading, over coffee, in the wee morning hours. Thank you...


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