August 9, 2008

fun:part 2

at the end of my two day class with Nina
I waited excitedly for Kim and Julie to arrive
at the studio
as they were coming in to take
Nina's next
two classes
since they're already
great friends with Nina
well you can imagine
all around
in between classes
Kim and Julie
had a two day break
and I was thrilled to keep them entertained in
we started at starbucks
we shopped
antique stores
st. vinnies
a great bead store
we walked and shopped
monroe street
state street
and fell in love with a little shop called
we had dinner and drinks at
jolly bob's
{fabulous pina coladas}
snacked on
cheese & crackers and chips & dip
at my house
lunched on indian dishes at
{yummy bean patties and flat bread}
{me and kim outside my new favorite restaurant}
we laughed until our cheeks hurt

we laughed at Kim
as she was always looking for something

usually her camera
which insisted on living at the bottom
of her bag

{I was laughing so hard here I could hardly keep my camera steady}
we tried on scarves and headbands
wanting to look like
{which is a trick we've decided that we don't think we'll ever be able to pull off}

and by the end of our last day
which was my birthday
we were still
telling stories
knowing that having tired feet
{at least mine were}
was a small price to pay
for having had this
much fun
{thank you kim and julie for getting me out of my shell and making my birthday an extra special one that I'll never forget}


  1. I can't believe how much fun you're having! This is the best!

  2. that looks like the most fun weekend.
    i bet your stomachs hurt from laughing so much.
    isn't that girls' weekends are supposed to be?
    such a good time.

  3. Looks like you were having a lotta fun.....and those drinks look really good right about now....I agree with Meg..girl weekends are always fun.



  4. More fun than humans where meant to have...always a key selling point for me! Hope your day was as wonderful as your photo journaling skills! How keen to have spent the day with those who define the art of fun on the run..Kim & Julie! And HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. I followed you here from Nina's and am so enjoying your blog. How lucky are you to spend so much time with Nina, learning, absorbing,laughing and having fun.

  6. ohh I thought it was about time for this I recall you "mentioning" to me a couple of months ago !

    AND it was Your Birthday too ?

    Happy Birthday ! it sounds like you had Lots of Laughing and Good Girl Time ! alright !

    Must scroll down as I see there is MORE !

  7. Glad you had such a great time!!! Looks like total fun was had by all.

  8. jolly bob's? what a great name, who wouldn't want to eat there! and, just between you and me, i've tried to figure out that head scarve thing too, to no avail! shhhh...


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