August 4, 2008

because this is my life.....

some people will be grossed out by this photo
but not me
because this is my life
and that's my son
holding his pet snake
that used to live in a very nice cage
in our basement
with his very own heat lamp
and dead mice on a weekly basis
the snake
who decided a few days ago
that he wanted to roam free
and escaped
from his wonderful cage
who is now living somewhere in my house
maybe in the linen closet
where our towels and sheets fill the shelves
the cedar closet
where my off season clothes
are kept
we have searched everywhere
with a search party
of teenage boys
and flashlights
and only came up with
shoulder shrugs
and a few
did you know
snakes can live for months
without food
while lost in a house
of course they can
because this is my life


  1. We've had two snakes escape in our house over the years. And one of them was a 3'long bullsnake! Never saw either one of them again! It's amazing the things we can put up with as mothers of boys! lol

  2. Yikes! I don't think I could take the thought of a snake loose in the house. Will Sophie be okay???

  3. Also, will you be posting about your class?????

    Would LOVE to see what you did!!!!

  4. About 10 years ago, step daughter & her hubby's snake got out in their house. They actually LIED to me and told me the snake had died because they figured I would never come over to see them. Naturally it turned up about 3 months later, crawled out of a bag of cat food....
    My thoughts are with you darlin'. Hang in there.

  5. Oh HE** no ... lizards, yes. Various species of fish, ok. Gerbils, hamsters, dogs, cats, even a tarantula during summer vacation once (the classroom's pet during the school year). But I categorically DO NOT DO snakes. Snakes on the loose would be only one of 500 million of my reasons why not!

  6. You're a braver woman than I am!

  7. I love the photo! Snakes really do not bother me, but I don't like surprises by animals in general...Yikes. Rather a snake than a spider is all I gotta say!

  8. hello,

    I hope you find it soon. My son that just turned 11 yesterday is dying to have a pet snake.... he just won't stop talking about it. I told him once we finally move into to a home that this might be a possibility.

    love, Angelica

  9. looks like if you do manage to find it you can pass it on to angelica's son ;) think about it this was it's got to be better than a black widow for a pet...

  10. You are cracking me up. I would die, die, die of being creeped out and so jumpy I regularly peed my pants. Nope. I can't do it. That's why you got the wonderful boys and I got a wonderful girl.


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