August 23, 2008

I love her, but nobody gets to wear my crown

This is my new friend Ollie and I love "him".....well, maybe "her" as "it" is still too little to have "those parts" ummmm, recognized. She belongs to Cate, but lives here at my house, because I guess if I understand it right, her apartment is only big enough for Bella, the cat. But I don't have any complaints....except that everyone thinks she's so sweet and cute and furry and adorable..... so I'm going to take this time {and the space on mom's blog} to remind everyone that I was the first queen in this palace and I will forever wear the crown....everyone got that ???


  1. TOO cute for words! Alpha-sweetie!

  2. Is Ollie a rabbit or a cat? I can't tell in the picture? Sophie looks very queenly!

  3. oh that a bunny i see?
    soooo sweet. :-)

  4. omg, is that a little bunny!?!?! I had bunnies when I was Cate's age. Seriously, I had a couple. Not at the same time of course cause you know what happens with that, lol.

  5. yes, yes. we got it loud and clear! the comments you have here are just about as as cute as this post :)


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