May 20, 2008

You'll see.....I 'm not suziblu

Well, today I decided to play.

I should have been packing what the kids need for camp, or cleaning, or doing laundry, or running errands...all the things I told my hubby I'd be doing today, but for some reason...okay, the reason is because I love Suziblu, I decided to take a video of myself. I asked my daughter{who insisted that she not be filmed} to take it for me while we were eating the lunch she brought from Trader Joe's...but she just laughed at me. {I get that alot from my family, usually with a roll of the eyes} Anyhow, the only video camera I have is just an "extra" on my regular camera, so the quality isn't that great...well, neither is the subjuect matter, but it was fun to do....we laughed alot. So for me, the girl who doesn't even like photos of herself, this is a big step to show myself "raw to the world"....oh, and on top of it, the house was a mess with "camp" piles while I walking through it....but I digress !

So here I am.....on my first {and maybe last} youtube video....


  1. Cool!!!!!!!! and brave!!!!!! Love seeing all your stuff and Sophie!!

    Great job! Keep em coming and you too will be like Suzi Blu!

    Let's see some art in action too!

  2. hello......

    Great video!

    no problem on the comments....

    Have a good one.


  3. ROCK ON BETH!!! I thought it was great -- we don't want SuziBlu when it's Beth's video, we want BETH! I loved seeing your studio, too. More! Encore! (Your hair is so cute, I want it!) And Sophie is precisely the kind of sweet fluffy pooch my Double BB wants.

  4. Suziblu you are not. You are YOU, Beth! Loved your video!

  5. Unbelievably cool and brave! (I need to find out who Suziblu is, but...)

    Trader Joe's, Everyday Food -- we have more stuff in common and I love the studio! Nice job! (By the way, Sophie is four-star adorable!)

  6. Great video!! Well done, you. :)

    And Sophie is soooo adorable!


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