May 7, 2008

as days go by

Last Friday, I got to meet someone.
Do you recognize her ?
She's in the red.....that's the famous Michelle Ward,
and she is a doll !
We had shared a few emails and had read each others blogs, but other than that we were strangers.
Strangers who hugged at the airport and then spent the next 90 minutes talking, laughing and gossiping in the car like we were old friends catching up !
I was taking her to Valley Ridge where she was teaching for the weekend.
Due to other plans, I wasn't able to take her class, but just spending time with her was worth it's weight in gold.
{and the tiny woman in green is michelle's mom who came down from Minnesota to spend the weekend with her at VR..adorable isn't she?}
Kathy and Bill, being the fabulous entertainers that they are, immediately gave us a full tour of their wonderful new home once we arrived.
Can you say ART ?
Every inch of their house is colorful and artful and I feel blessed to have seen it during the building process and now again upon completion.
So we all walked around for another hour or so ohhing and ahhing over everything and then it was time for me to leave and head back to Madison.
It was a beautiful night to drive.
The rain showers were long gone and the sky was still a bright blue with cloud shadows dancing around.
I turned the music up as loud as I could, and thought to myself...
this has been a great day !


  1. I'd love to see the process of ARTISTS building a home, the selection process of finishes, etc., and then the art they choose to hang/display. Very cool experience for you. And driving Michelle Ward? (that would be the sequel to Driving Miss Daisy?) I can easily imagine that conversation - what a blast!!!

  2. How cool.
    and I'm just a wee bit jealous. :)
    sounds like a perfectly wonderful, wildly inspiring day.

  3. Hey girl! It was a delight to meet you!! Thanks for the generous ride from the airport - not exactly just around the corner....and for schlepping me to Walmart for supplies. So fun to chatter with you - you'd never know it was our first meeting - AND to see your fab cottage. LOVE that place! Hope we'll meet again, but until then I will keep up with you here :)

  4. What a TOTALLY cool day. It sounds like everything from pick up and delivery to after was just perfect! I really respect Michelle Ward's art and always am pleased when I see her name on a magazine as being featured. So, spending that time together -- way cool! Kathy's home sounds amazing. Things like that so inspire me!

  5. What a perfectly delightful day!

  6. That sounds like a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm happy to now be able to visit yours. I love your banner with the door.

  7. oh lucky the two of you!

    xox - eb.


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