May 21, 2008

take a hike with me ?

John and I went hiking out at our cottage woods last weekend.
You might not guess it from this shot, but the woods are actually "clear" right now as far as being able to hike up the hills.
In another month, the growth of "everything green" will have taken over and then it's almost impossible to climb anymore.
In this shot, I'm actually looking up the hill at John and what you don't see is how steep it is behind me. If you look closely, my hand is holding onto a log so that I don't slip backwards.

The woods right now are full of what I call tree fungus.
I'm sure there is a "real" name for all the funky things we find on the trees,
but for now, I just keep pointing and saying,
"look, there's another fungi"
and then my husband says,
"gee, thanks honey, I am a fun guy aren't I?"
{and boy do we have woodpeckers...can you tell ?}

I wish I'd had a tape measure for some of these, as they were so huge.
This one was growing straight out from the tree, like a ledge.

Aren't they fun ?

And this one is my all time FAVORITE !!
I think I'm actually going to have to frame this photo !!
I think it's because it reminds me of a seashell
and since I'm a "water girl"....
well, it's just perfect !!
And speaking of water....
oh how I love the creeks
at the cottage !
Here's a shot of our cottage from the hill we were hiking on.
More tree fungus... isn't the shape of that tree interesting ?

And most of you by now, know how I love my birds.
Well, I've been waiting patiently for someone to find this great house we put up,
and yippee.....somebody found it.

Now I'll have to watch to see who it is that's going to be living in there.
The great wonderful hubby put this house right at my level, so that I can open it and take pictures anytime I want....well, almost anytime.
You know how those birdie parents get while their raising their babies.
I hope you enjoyed the hike with me !!!


  1. thanks for taking me hiking.
    i loved the view.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!!! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!!!

    what a haven!!!!

  3. that was great fun, your cottage and woods are so inviting. I like fungi too and take too many pictures of it--they can be very beautiful, don't you think?

  4. These pictures are wonderful! Very cool!

  5. Thanks for sharing.... my kids would be there all the time. they love looking for bugs and anything that moves.

    P.S. Beth the flea that I go to is the Wentzville flea right off of 70. When I first moved to St. Louis I used to live in Chesterfield. I work in Chesterfield, but live 20 minutes west of there now..

  6. How beautiful and lovely is your journal.
    Love Jeanne


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