June 11, 2013

why is the g silent?.....

i asked for summer and she came dancing in the other day and i couldn't be happier, but her beautiful presence means air conditioning. i'm not a fan of air conditioning. instead, i like open windows, breezes and ceiling fans...but i've learned that if i'm going to live with the man i love in such a way that neither of us kills each other, once it reaches 80 degrees, the cool air must blow.

we went on another hike late yesterday afternoon. why is it that no matter how much bug spray you have on and no matter how skilled you are with your gnat swatting ninja moves, there will be one gnat that will follow you for your entire hike, flying in and out of both of your ears, forcing you go bat shit crazy and making you wonder what you're doing in the woods in the first place? why? oh, and why is gnat spelled with a silent g? 

there wasn't any time for camera loving yesterday, so my nature photos are from my pond walk last week. my favorite thing to do while walking around the pond is finding dappled light. dappled, hmmm...it's a funny but interesting word and we rarely hear it or have the chance to use it, so i'm using it. i don't want it to feel left out. snort. anyhow, the dappled light around the pond allows me to get photos like these {especially the one below}...where it almost looks like i used a flash. 
gah, what? a flash? not this girl. not yet anyway. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I use the word "dappled" because I have horses and they look so pretty when their dapples shine through after they shed out.

  2. Aaah gnats and just bugs in general are a big reason why i'am a fall winter spring hiker...lol I hibernate in the summer.......I like the word dappled too and i agree you never hear it anymore...i learned a new word the other day while reading a vampire story of all things...
    'elegiac' means sad or mournful and was used to describe someones mood.....had to look it up...
    :) geesh......

    We are trying to be very frugal with our aircond here (CA) I get up early in the morning ...around 6 and make sure all the windows are open then about 10am i close everything up and the insulation is so good in this new home that it keeps the house cool until about 4-5pm when i kick on the air until the sun goes down then i can open back up again.....We live on the Delta in northern CA and most days we get the 'delta breeze' from the coast and as long as thats blowing even just a modest amount we cool down decent at night to be able to open up at night....Fall cannot get here fast enough.........Lovely photos woman...as always.....hugs! deb

  3. Enjoying the commentary and the photos. That dappled leaf is a beauty.

  4. We are never happy with the weather are we? Too hot or too cold I turned my air on yesterday a month later than everyone else I know. Happy summer to you.

  5. I love the last photo. I imagine the g in gnat wasn't originally silent, just like the k in knife wasn't.

  6. I hate flash photography. Natural light is so much more beautiful in all it's presence.. and abscence.

    Dappled grey is my most favorite horse color name, the sound is elegant, don't ya think? Blue Roan is my second favorite.. but we're not talking horses, are we :-)

    If you figure out with the G is silent in gnat, let me (K)now, will ya? I've got the same question about K's....I'm tied up in (K)nots over it.

  7. Did you really see the woman in her car like that? Wow!
    Loved the last photo, just astounding for sure!
    Keep on batting gnats and enjoy summer.

  8. Great photos and wonderful walk. I don't have air and about three to five days out of the year I sort of wish I did. But mostly it's OK. Well, especially at the lake!

  9. Ugh. Gnats. Skeeters. Ticks.
    But pretty pictures.
    We almost never turn the air on at our place. We have shade trees and overhead fans.

  10. its gnot for me to say

  11. air conditioning is on, full force, around here (but we've had some beautiful days, even so.) so glad you've finally got some summer to enjoy!


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