June 4, 2013

her words, my photo.....

megan miranda, fracture

yesterday i pulled a deer tick out of my husband's leg. the head didn't come with it. darn it. no worries though, as urgent care took care of that and sent him on his way with an antibiotic. oh mondays, well summer too, you're so special. by the way, does this story sound familiar? remember this?

kim is the big winner from my previous post. she's a smart one, that girl. 

i was upset on friday, so to rid myself of my pent up frustration, i ran around our house like a mad woman, cleaning everything in sight. let me rephrase that. i actually cleaned and wiped pollen off of everything {and i mean everything} in our house. we have yet to run the air conditioner this year and instead, our windows have been open almost everyday. let me just say, pollen is gross and disgusting.
unless you're a bee.

thank you for the prayers. they were answered and let me just say, miracles do happen.


  1. I'm so glad miracles happen. But I'm sorry about the tick, I cant imagine having to live with things like that.

  2. I'm excited that I won the contest. :-) Thanks so much. Hope your week got off to a better start after the tick incident. I have a scar and a bump on my leg from a tick 3 years ago. I thought I pulled it all out, but apparently something was still in there and scar tissue grew around it. Ick.

  3. In our area tick bites can cause a host of illnesses so our doctor said after removal freeze the tick, just in case a problem occurs it can be tested. Just sayin', and so glad to hear you found that miracles do happen.

  4. I love that you had a little miracle. But not that you had a tick issue. Or rather, your husband did. I've had Lyme's twice. I hate ticks.

  5. Glad you got your miracle :-) The ticks originate from this area (Lyme, CT).. and oh boy do we have them around here. My son has had Lyme, and we've all been tested for it at one point or another.

  6. Lots of ticks here this year too. Glad he found it and is being treated. And pleased for all miracles ... big or small.

  7. So happy for miracles!
    Not happy for deer ticks!
    Congratulations to the smart girl,Kim,that knew the answer.

  8. Yay for some good news :-)

  9. Oh, my -- that's pretty wretched. But I'm glad all is well now.

    Gee, when I'm all upset I run around the house till the oven heats up and bake brownies or cookies. I think your method is more productive!

  10. I'd be ticked to have a head embedded. Glad you guys caught that.
    Way to channel your frustration into productive use!

  11. I love a good miracle... but hate those ticks. Have a great week, Beth!

  12. Damn, damn, ticks !!!
    Pollen is better than snow. A bazillion times better !
    And yes, Bethie, miracles do happen. I am always grateful for them !
    Love you, Awesome One !

  13. Ohhh, the ticks. I remember when I was young, had one in my ear, my Dad did the match thing. Can you imagine! Guess it worked though. By no means am I promoting this. :)
    Love the words and your photo.

  14. Ack, ticks! Disgusting little creatures. I'm glad you got your miracle, whatever it was. I hope I didn't miss something important in your blog.


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