June 7, 2013

and when i hit "publish" the sun came out.....

i like to hike. actually i like to use the word hike when the word "walk" seems slightly lame. seriously though, what constitutes a hike? is it when you carry a backpack filled with macgyver like doodads in preparation of saving a life or getting yourself out of a sticky situation or is it when your "walking"  involves climbing upwards, as in a hill, or is it when you carry a backpack filled with miscellaneous camera lenses, bug spray, a cell phone and a water bottle? ding ding ding...it's the last one.

i've been trying to figure out what i'm missing. what's making me feel incomplete. turned off. slow and lethargic. a bit grouchy. quiet. questioning. withdrawn. insecure...and the list could go on. well, as completely idiotic as it sounds, i think it's the weather. somehow spring never showed up in its normal "spring like, happy to be here, don't you just love me" mode. instead, it moped its way here out of obligation, shrugged its shoulders, dragged its feet and drooled like it had been numbed with novocaine and then disappeared.

now summer is here. well it's june and my calendar says it's summer, but it's far from summer. summer usually brings a sense of renewal. a time for all of us to reset our complete selves...our moods, our attitudes, our joy, our hearts, our happiness ...well, our shoes, clothes, bags and sunglasses, too, but you know what i mean.

so that's how i feel. i feel like i haven't been able to reset myself. like a smoke detector, i need new batteries. granted, i've been going through the motions, wanting to believe that the "resetting" has actually occurred, but deep down, i know it hasn't. granted, we've had a few nice days, a few wonderful nights where eating outside with the love of my life was beyond perfect, but they were short lived. i want constant. actually, i need a few months of constant warmth and sun in order to reset myself.

i want/like to be hot. i want/like to sweat. i want/like to bare my skin. i want to be kissed by the sun. i want to sit in summer's arms, look into her eyes and fall in love like i do every year. is it just me, or is anyone else begging to be touched by summer?

last night, i had a wonderful time with our photography group. we're all camera nerds and we laugh and understand the same things. we share and critique photos, talk about lenses, straps, tripods, aperture and shutter speed and our upcoming events...and did i mention we laugh? a lot. we're such a wonderfully diverse group and it just makes me smile when we're all together.
happy weekend everyone
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  1. menopause or post menopause symptoms can go on for ten years...? any possibles there? You're describing exactly how I felt from instant menopause at 43 due to surgery until I was about 50 or so. I refused HRT after the first year and went natural with soy isoflavins..They helped so much but now and again the malaise settled in..and then...... it was gone!

  2. Summer's here (Mohave Desert) and with a vengeance. It's 9:30 a.m. and already 98 degrees. Yesterday it reached 108 and today is supposed to be even hotter. I'd be more than happy to pack 10 or 12 degrees and send them to you if I could. sigh.

    Hope you get out of your 'funk' and find some warm weather soon! Have a great weekend!

  3. Well your "walk" is my hike. Your "hike" would be my "forced march"!! It's all in how you look at it....as for this crappy weather...it is depressing in so many, many ways! xo

  4. Come down here for a few days and you will sweat the moment you step foot in this area. :/ Me? I can live without that. It's all relative, I guess.

  5. And a happy weekend to you. It's cold, cloudy, gloomy -- oh, and did I mention cold, here right now. Like "wear a fleece" weather. They say tomorrow will be better. They are known for lying. I want to be hot, too.

    I'm all unsettled. The medical stuff and the retirement stuff and the work stuff and the life stuff has me down. This'll pass -- or at least get a revision. But all I am today is antsy!

  6. Happy weekend to you too.
    It doesn't sound idiotic at all. In the winter we may have two or three weeks of endless foggy days. I get a bit grumpy when I don't see the sun for that long of a time.
    Now I'm going to go look at your one, two and three.

  7. That new header is terrific. And the weather is all over the place here. Would love some warm sunny days but the rain is needed due to the drought last summer.

  8. Well, I agree with you on needing the HOT. Is it going to stop raining soon? Is it ever going to get warmer than 75? I need the sun and the heat too. Hoping you have a nice weekend. Go for a hike. :-) I'm spending my whole weekend going to yard sales along the 400 mile Kentucky yard sale event. Fun stuff!!

  9. Summer can stay the hell away from me. But since I live in the Deep South, that ain't never gonna happen. Cold crisp air kissing my cheeks while the rest of me is cozied up by a nice thick sweater is what I want but never get anymore. The oppressive humid air of summer makes me want to choke. Maybe you and I should switch homes :-) people are nice down here and hold the door for you and everything..... What do you say?

    Have a great weekend!

  10. A perfect post to kick off the weekend. Hope you have a restful one!

  11. Beautiful header... and I like summer, but I don't like being HOT or SWEATY...lol...

    And doesn't it always seem we want what we don't have?..lol.. When it's hot as hell here I'll want the cool crisp fall weather again. Right now I'm good with the spring/summer transitions.

  12. Come to Texas this week. The temps are rising to 98*. Then you'll feel summer. I'm soaking it up before I return to Holland next month where it has just reached 80*, a summer day there. My schedule last year didn't allow me to feel any heat and I need it I have discovered after living in Texas most of my life. I don't mind it if I have a.c. to escape to between outtings. I was really depressed last year.
    I do love your photos, as always. xo Jenny

  13. Yeah, a walk, you wear sneakers, a hike you wear, well, hiking shoes. Aren't hiking shoes just sneakers on steroids? I haven't been on a good hike in a while. I think I'll change that. Your photography gang sounds like fun...how did you meet?
    Anyway, here's hoping the heat finds you soon and warms you up inside and out. There's always Sea side......

  14. I like Summer...I just HATE being hot.

  15. Summers here can get a little... too much. Upwards of 95 and 100 or so. But I get what you're saying. I think I've been off-kilter a bit lately, too. Whether it's weather related or just me, who knows.

    I clicked on the blog links. Oh, my, goodness, such beautiful photography. Inspiration, yes!

  16. oh it was so good to catch up on your blog today!

    love the new header
    yes the midwest spring has sucked!
    the bokeh seagull mesmerizes me
    i too wonder when am i hiking and when am i walking ~ i think the word walking helps me be more at ease and present with the moment, the word hiking implies some kind of work in some way, i don't know why because i love to hike / walk ???
    the early morning walks are becoming my fav :) who would have imagined, i was an afternoon person most of my life, i would love to keep transitioning into a morning girl

    sending so much love your way and i can already feel it bouncing back my way ~ ~ ~

  17. One week we have summer and the next week back to early, cool spring; so I know how you are feeling. Let's just get on with it. I adore that first photo particularly and love that you can have a place to go with friends to laugh. The first blog link reeeeally loved! I will visit there many times again.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth