November 17, 2010

deep breath.....

it's over until next year
the big c
the only television show this year that has played with every emotion i have
the season finale was last night and at the end
well even in the middle
i cried
i really cried
not because it was over
because of the message it saturated me with
if it's available by christmas on a dvd
buy it
i promise you with all my heart that you won't be disappointed
oh and the message
live brightly and profoundly
say what you need to say
love your family to the point of smothering them
do things that make people think you're a bit crazy
a whole lot crazy
do what you need to do for you
be nice
be understanding
love being alive
then really love some more
ps...i woke up this morning to a wonderful award
want to see


  1. I've been watching the Big C but won't see the final episode until tonight. It's been a refreshing and interesting show for sure. Does make you rethink a lot of things.

  2. I loved this show too. It made me cry more often than I'd like to admit, but made me smile as well. I hope Marlene continues to make appearances as I found her so refreshing. Laura Linney deserves an award for her portrayal. :)

  3. P.S. Found you from Dawn's site (Puzzle Pieces). I'm a Wisconsin-bred girl who left a piece of her heart there.

  4. I've never watched it, but I love the message. I'll have to look for it.

  5. Love the entire show and the ending and can't wait for next season.


  6. Well deserved award! And I agree with Kerri - what a wonderful image!

  7. Congratulations on your well deserved award :-)

  8. congrats on the POTW , Beth.
    and will you still be one of my bestest peeps if I told you I don't know what show you are talking about? I rarely watch tv... trying to do reading that I should have done when I should have taken what I really wanted to in school back when.

  9. Love all your photo's as always, and your header is great. Congrats on the award. :)

  10. I've never seen this show but would like to. I love the message you got from the show. Isn't it amazing the wonderful things we can learn from a show, a person we cross paths with or a book we read, if we are paying attention? I am going to have to see this show. And congrats again on the's what brought me to your attention. :)

  11. I have to say I am sorry...but I'm in the dark over the Big C. It sounds wonderful though:)
    And congratulations!
    (Your photo is lovely by the way!)

  12. It's my favorite series -- and luckily, it's available On Demand so I can watch the episodes again.

  13. I have been watching it every week, and the finale had me crying all the way through too. I love the message. I am trying with all my heart to live the message. To live out LOUD. To live the one precious life.
    I am glad to be living at the same time as you, Lovely Beth. I love you.

  14. I get HBO instead of Showtime...and there hasn't been anything on it that I've been watching...will have to wait for the Big C to be available on Netflix...

    Love your photo!

  15. The Big C is unexpectedly fantastic. I started watching out of curiosity and have been moved and inspired each week. I love how much depth is in just 30 mins of TV.

  16. Congrats to you. I have never watched the show, but now you have made me want to. Love the photo!

  17. way to go Beth, I can not believe I missed that post, it was beautiful. the tv show, The big C, I have not watched or even heard of it, however the big C Cinner says hi. lol. hugs.

  18. Hi Beth never ever heared of the Big it seems i need to dive into that one for xmas.

    Now I will peek into...what you saw this morning.
    Hugs D.

  19. I have never heard of this either! Guess I too will have to look for this at Christmas. The lessons of life from this show are right on and worth the price of admission!

  20. pictures here are amazing...
    really wonderfull!!
    i like a lot
    grt from Spain

  21. This sounds like something I need to be watching. I've missed out and have no idea what the Big C is. Please tell...!

    By the way, I love your header.


  22. I guess I am not the only to not know the big C. Now I am curious. Congratulations on the award, you do deserve all good things.

  23. Congratulations on the POTW, Beth!

    I need to check out this program. Thanks.

  24. OMG. This show is awesome. Whoa!


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