April 30, 2010

and then i put my heart back in my chest...

when i decided earlier this week
that i wasn't a painter
painted a picture for me
and said
"here, this is for you"
"will you photograph it and share it with the world"
of course
with it being god and everything
i did as he asked
everything in my world made sense again
to renew anything not feeling right in my life
i walk the pond
this heron called to me monday afternoon
as i walked by him a second time
i walked as close to the edge as i could
sat down in the dried pond reeds leftover from last year
as i got comfortable
he fished
right in front of me
not once
but twice
i know for fact
that for a full minute i stopped breathing
my sweet hubby waiting on the trail behind me
"holy crap, did you get that"
i wanted to share this last photo to show you again how this pond truly is in the middle of town
the yellow truck
the orange fish in the heron's mouth
let's just call it


  1. Wow...

    Love your moment, your gift from God, your eye, the beauty, the wonder of this life...and on top of it, you get to share it and take other people's breath away too !

    Big big Love to you, Artist Girl.

  2. It's a beautiful thing.

    And Holy Crap is right! Moments like that are rare, captured so well.

  3. WOW WOW WOW! That's amazing! Really. Amazing! Congrats to you on catching those moments and for feeling full!

  4. Gods timeing for sure! You could sell this to a wild life magazine. very good!

  5. It was a gift from God for sure, I would have dropped the camera. lol. your amazing little chickadee....I would love to sit out there with you. have a great weekend.

  6. Holey Moley!...You were not only in the right place at the right time but you are very quick with the camera and all its settings...the exposure and focus are spot on!...

    Did that heron spear the fish?...Perfect capture!

  7. Love the yellow truck in the background!!!

  8. This is inspirational. I so like your way of describing how much this impacted you. Wonderful to see it through your eyes and heart. Wonderful photos. Amazing words.

  9. God kissed you for sure ... what a confirmation of your gift.

  10. Wowzers!!! What a shot!! What a blessing you received! And what a marvelous treat to have this pond so near to you. I miss water!!
    I grew up in Ohio but now live in New Mexico. Water features are very rare here.

  11. OMG!!! That first photo...the drops of water and the bright orange fish. WOWZA! Actually all of these are amazing! This is your gift... xoxo

  12. WOW!!! What an extraordinary moment you captured. WOW!!!

  13. so fantastically beautiful! you were right where you were supposed to be :)

  14. Your pictures keep enchanting me. I had to bring my husband to my computer to see these pictures. Truly beautiful!

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!

    and all things are good again....


  16. Those birds are magnificent! we have one every spring in our creek and I freeze and STARE each time I catch sight of it.

  17. This shot is perfection...but, then, Beth, most of your shots are perfection! Sayonara, little fishie, caught in incredible clarity as it made its way to never, never land.

  18. That pretty much is the universe lining up for you! Wow, love the full color explosion in the pics... its a newer you, even though I love your vintage effects as well.

  19. The Bird Woman is back! I am so very glad you have settled into what means so much to you. Discovering something like that about yourself, your art, and having it so validated is really a gift. Hugs!

  20. Ha... I think I know exactly where this is now ;-)

  21. "holy" this sure is.
    love the orange fish.
    even though a brief one
    for that finned friend,
    there has been plentiful purpose!
    thank you for sharing
    such a transformation moment.
    lovely to visit you,
    dear painter, listener,
    breath in & outer. x

  22. Holy Crap yea girl. Wonderful. Stunning colours Beth. I love the way you've put Ruby Luna into the photo with that banner. Just like Caroline did. How did you gals do it?

    Anyhow you life at a magical place.
    Thank you so much for sharing this guy with us.

  23. definitely WOW moments! fantastic

  24. Oh Beth, that is incredible, I think you are the bird whisperer. A few years ago our swamp dried up into a big mud puddle full of fish and I walked down there and saw 12 herons that I could count and more further away that I couldn't but they wouldn't let me close at all...you took my dream photos! If you had any doubts about the painting thing, well, now you know...

  25. that first photo is amazing!!

  26. Amazing and beautiful....:-) Hugs

  27. Oh wow these are so cool. someone was on your side to let you witness and photograph sch an event...and you didn't waste the opportunity at all.

  28. Beth-look forward to see what God get's you up to next. You are definitely a woman in the flow with your camera and your words.

  29. Honestly, my very first reaction upon seeing those shots was simply
    But I saw that description was already used by Char, Liss and Marcie.
    Dani made it clear she owns WOW, by exclaiming WOW WOW WOW!!!!
    There is no way I'm using WOW now.
    Not a problem I thought, there are plenty of other adjectives, that I can use that aren't taken yet, that will describe the feeling of looking at those pictures.
    So, I tried heavenly and incredible and amazing and exquisite and perfection and magnificent and exchanting and fantastic and inspiring and beautiful......but they were all taken from the 32 commenter's who commented before I did.
    I really have to start checking your Blog earlier in the day, so I have a chance to be original.
    Seriously though, do you work for National Geographic? I think I've seen your work there.

  30. your photos continue to blow me away. you have incredible talent.

  31. i think mark is right...it's hard to say something original...and the thing about working for NG...wouldn't it be cool to see this guy on the cover? excellent work beth.

  32. amazing... holy... this is really amazing.
    great work beth.. i think God is right on this one. :)
    of course i would love to come visit and have you take me to this beautiful place.

  33. Wowza, I think I would have been struck dumb and unable to photograph, lol. Which is why *you* are the photographer and *I* am the painter. Great shots!!!

  34. Holy crap, you got it. Wow!!

  35. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

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  36. I'd say that your blogger friends really like these photos. Wow! I can't stop looking at them. The fact that the yellow truck is in the background, proves that a higher power was there with you.

    And....I luv a man that says, "Hold crap." lol

    Everything about you and your blog is professional and welcoming and it makes me wonder why you visit my blog, but I'm always pleased wheh you do.


  37. Beautiful, absolutely heart stopping beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  38. what a capture! that first photo is amazing...right place, right time, and right person behind the lens.

  39. Dont you think it interesting -- when we stop... just for the split moment in time to really look it is revealed to us.

    It's always there... we just need to make sure you are IN THE MOMENT.

    Thanks for sharing. Simply stunning.

    (come join us on Friday~~Finding Beauty Meme)

  40. I just kept returning to this.
    At a loss for words really.

    I thank you for letting your moments fill mine.


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