April 22, 2010

don't make me beg....

i mentioned the other day
that i'm having
a give-away
i really wish more of you would play
that sounds so icky of me
i feel like i'm begging
the random generator is only fun
when you can plug in big numbers
i just write everyone's name on a slip of paper
pick one out of my cereal bowl
that's actually pretty fun
now that it's springtime
i like big
i want a big fat number to play with
now it sounds like i'm whining
i'm a big old whiner
with that nasal sounding voice
that's as irritating as fingernails on a blackboard
i won't even make you go back to the give-away page
to see what i'm talking about
just leave me a comment
your favorite color
or word
what you like to do when you get the house all to yourself
what book your reading or if you jumped for joy when kate got eliminated
if your allergies are killing you
any comment
you're in
you guys are the best
you really are


  1. Well, I already commented, but here I am again! Love the photo, a real beauty!

  2. I would really like to win!

    Thank you!

    {I love your photography}

  3. -- blue
    -- whimsay
    -- edit photographs in my jammies
    some random chick-lit that i can't remember the name of the book
    -- no, because i couldn't watch a show with her on it
    -- yes, the combination of a spring cold and allergies is quite annoying right now

  4. That's a delightful photo today. I love the color.

    One of my favorite words is salubrious. I never use it but it has always stuck with me. It means favorable to health or well-being. I like to think of certain people as having a salubrious effect on me.

    Thanks you so much for your comment on my blog this morning. I really appreciate what you said. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

  5. I forgot to say that you had a salubrious effect on me today.

  6. Hey Beth, I saw your giveaway but just haven't had time to enter....now I will!

    How about....yeah for a fresh morning bun and a good cup of dark java!

  7. i just love it when you beg! last night i finally dreamed again, a good dream, the first i remember since maggie died. i am moving forward.

    okay. i'm in!

    xoxo you crazy girl!

  8. green....you make me smile! xox

  9. :) Lol, I rather enjoyed your whine. Thanks for the smile!

  10. That's a lovely photo : )

    I have to admit, I've been avoiding DWTS since it began... but I can't believe that Kate was on that show for that long.

  11. I meant to come by and comment yesterday because that precious little baby is so gorgeous! I'm loving the violet from today too! I always admire your photos though. =)

  12. Your whining was perfect!! I love cerulean blue and my favorite word is "try"! I get the house all to myself everyday so I am good there!! I am reading the Vampire Diaries and I thought Kate should have been voted off a long time ago!!
    And yes...my allergies are killing me!!

  13. That violet is amazing; you are too!

  14. beautiful pic.
    and you have nice blog, really

  15. The color on the iris (is it an iris) is so soft and subtle. I am always fascinated with the colors and hues in your photos. I like your work so much.

  16. of course we love giveaways.
    i'm reading a book i randomly picked up at work called "The Great Man". two eager biographers gather information on a fictional painter (known for portraits of nude women) from the women in his life after his death. it deals with relationships, secrets, art and what it means to be "great" - thoughtful and funny - a pleasure to read.

  17. Okay - I'll bite! I don't know what you're giving away because I've been a little "out of the loop" for a while, but here goes the book I'm currently reading is called, Good News for those trying Harder, by Alan Kraft. Great book!

  18. color - green
    word - LOVE
    alone in house ? - watch ShowTime Shows he hates like Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara
    Reading ? - "From Dead to Worse" by Charlaine Harris (silly Vampire stuff) and "Art&Fear" by David Bayles & Ted Orland to educate my artist brain
    Said "About f..king time !" when Kate got ousted.
    Allergies - kind of sucky but not as bad as they were two weeks ago when I had vertigo along with them.

    I think 45 is a pretty good number, whiny one ! But good for you for going after what you want.
    I hope this Earth Day finds you appreciating the wonders all around us !
    Big Love !

  19. Stopping in to say hi, turquoise, I feel sexy when I wear it. love the iris, mine should be up soon. take care, how can you whine so sweetly.

  20. Okay... here is my anything comment. I have about 400 pictures I am trying to organize an download. I take more and more pictures and then do nothing with them. Someday maybe...

  21. Reading Little Bee....holy moly! Hope you are having a beautiful Thursday and that the sun is shining down on you! xoxo

  22. Hey hey once a winner always a winner. I've still got your beautiful shed hanging on my wall enjoying it. So here I am again, count me in girl.
    Lovly shot. And like your new header too. Hugs D.

  23. I must have missed this giveaway... I love your photos and what you write about. The ordinary is always extraordinary! Love it! And yes, I jumped for joy when Kate got eliminated. I was more happy For Tony ;) I do wish her the best of luck though.


  24. yellow, but starting to like pink - I always thought that was too much a girly color.

    I think I already signed up for the give away.

  25. I spent the morning with a friend at the rice paddies watching the snow geese ...

  26. I'm in... I dont even know what youre giving away. but if you are giving it, I know it is good.
    I like every color I think. In different seasons I like different colors. I loke things that have a lot of color... like my socks! haha.
    happy thursday.

  27. Okay, okay you've convinced me :)
    I will play along...now let go of my arm!

    As always you present such beautiful photos!

  28. Entered yesterday, but I'm game to enter again today.
    Know how my day went? Got in a fight with my husband. I've been feeling pretty blue for a while and then we end up in an ugly fight. I left because I had a dentist appointment to get a tooth drilled. Another downer. I thought, maybe I should go to the movies. I've never done anything alone like that (movies, restaurant etc...). Then I started feeling guilty about spending money on myself. Then I thought, screw that! So I went to the noon movie "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus and cried my butt off!!!!
    Now I'm home. Husband's not talking to me.
    Think I'll go tend to the garden and connect with Mother Earth. After all, it is Earth Day and who can make you feel better than your Mother? tee hee!

  29. oh, my, i can't believe i miss your post on a giveaway. thanks for coming back and "not begging"... =) i would love to participate.

    my allergies are INSANE, i can happily say i didn't see kate dance, i'm reading too many things at once and getting them all confused, and most importantly, i love your photography!!

  30. Hi Beth, I stsrted writing a little piece about Anzac Day, but I went on far too long so I have added it as an entry in my blog.
    I love your photography!

  31. What? I missed your give away... not sure how that happened and the baby photos below. Gosh, I've been slack!

    My comment to enter is ......
    I am picking up my new car tonight!!!! Yay!!!!! so excited!!!!

  32. IWANNAWINIWANNAWINIWANNAWIN....now that is whining!!

  33. I already commented because I couldn't pass up a chance for one of your awesome pictures.
    But I had to comment again, because of your comment about Kate.
    I was sitting there in disbelief that Pam Anderson just might get voted off before Kate! I yelled, "Yes!" when they said Kate's name.
    But I'll also tell what book I'm reading. I'm reading To Kill a Mocking Bird for the 5th year in a row--I teach it to my Advanced English I classes (freshmen). I discovered something new yesteday even though I'd read that passage many times.
    (Oh and we share the name Beth).

  34. Glad Kate's gone. Hope Chrystal or Lee win. Reading Pride and Prejudice - watching Private Practice. And, oh yeah, I absolutely love your photos.

  35. In answer to your question: It's Elizabeth Anne, but mom put Elizabeth first rather than her family's tradition of middle, so she could call me Beth for the Beth in Little Women. No, I'm not her "twin." I lean more towards Jo.

  36. I'm reading "George Stephanopoulos, all too Human" about his time in the White House with Bill Clinton.
    To lighten things up, my wife and I are planning a trip to the Bahamas this summer. We started this research, and believe me we research, while I was home and now that I am on the boat, we have it narrowed down to what island, but continue to search the accommodations. I'll find a great place and I'll email it to her. She'll find a beautiful beach and email it to me. I've been so Bahama-ed up for days, I think I have a sun burn already. After posting way too many pictures of snow the last few months, I intend to bore everyone in August with way too many pictures of turquoise waters and pink sand beaches.

    My favorite color is blue and I put honey in my fruit smoothie to sweeten it even more.

  37. I would love an afternoon with you. To sit and talk. Go on a photo taking adventure. And get the chance to look into each others eyes.

    :) And although I never watched dancing with the stars I was giddy when I found out that Kate got kicked off. I am just not a fan of her

  38. you totally and completely crack me up!!
    that's why i love ya!

    not to mention your rockin photos....


    kate got the boot?
    i haven't been following.... i'm out of the loop...

    can you believe her hair makeover? cracks me up actually.....

    xxo, kim

  39. That sounds like just the right amount of whining to me. It worked. :)

  40. Oh Beth I have been ill and I have missed you. I do hope many people comment so you can have tons of fun with your give away.
    Be well my friend.....:-) Hugs

  41. Yes, yes, yes, please count me in.

    My favorite word is "love" as in I love your blog :-)


  42. O.K I'll go again! I don't know if thats allowed but what the....favorite place...Ireland!

  43. I'll add to your numbers...I'm looking forward to feeling better. I've purged another box of old toys out of the kids' room and I cannot WAIT for the project to be done!

  44. Beth,

    I stood in on a high, high, windy, hilltop with a 360degree panoramic view of nature's wonders. Snowdonia's Mountain tops, lakes and pastures spread before me like a feast.

    Sometimes words are truly inadequate.

  45. i already entered, but I so love this photo.

    and with 2 university students coming home in a couple of days, I won't be getting the house to myself again until Sept. Five kids plus assorted peeps .

    heavy sigh.

  46. Hi Beth, I love your photos. You have inspired me to purchase a better camera and learn how to take awesome pictures. I would love to win one of your photos and have a cup of tea with you , but distance is a problem. Have a wonderful weekend.


  47. Your blog has a very welcoming and encouraging presence.


  48. I like your blog, I'd like to win, and my favorite color (today) is green! The photo is lovely, too.

  49. So... If I comment here and there, am I in twice? Ha.

    As to the book I'm reading, it's A Mapping of Love and Death by Jacqueline Winspear. It's a Maisie Dobbs novel. Have you read any of them? I love them.

  50. I don't even know what your giveaway is, but I know what you mean about the excitement of generating big numbers. I'm really liking the style of your blog, your beautiful photos, the ruby luna name (just about anything to do with moons I like), and I love the name of your blog! Came by via Mary Beth's blog - I'm having a nice journey...
    : ) lulu

  51. Today I am loving the warm green breeze making my curtains flutter...

  52. springtime...sunshine...teatime...
    daydreams...letting go...
    breathing deep...
    finding happiness in so many
    tiny moments.

  53. celery green...best colour for sure.

    (I think I am too late and I don't even know what the giveaway is..serves me right for being so late coming to your blog, but thought I would play anyway, even if I am late and playing with a blindfold on.)

  54. am i tool late? i would love to play along.

  55. lol! Well, since you asked so nicely!

    Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, tied with Jane Eyre for my all time favorite :)

  56. I was so glad Kate was eliminated. She should have been off DWTS at the beginning but I guess people really felt sorry for her. I got tired of her whining and she was not a good dancer at all...I felt sorry for her partner!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth