October 21, 2013

wakey wakey.....

of all the photos i've taken this fall, this one is my favorite.

the blushing of the berries, the texture on the leaves and the depth of autumn all rolled into {what i call} one delicious picture. the only editing done, was toning down the berries, as the sun had completely illuminated them, making them even too bright for my eyes.

it's the little things that wake me up and make me smile.

me. me. me.
ewe. ewe. ewe.

yes, it's another fungi.
this scene always makes me laugh and if you don't try and talk like them after watching this clip, at least for a little bit, well then there's something seriously wrong with you.

have you seen these? my hubby and i are a bit hooked and now my father-in-law is, too. in a few days, my sister-in-law will be on our team, as hers is in the mail. oh, technology you get me every time.

this half-time show was amazing. it's a long one, but so worth it and if you're here reading my blog, chances are you're reading other blogs and just playing around on your computer, so i'm guessing you'll have time. snort.

if this "love a stranger" story doesn't make your day, i don't know what will. it makes me proud to be a photographer.

and last not but least, grab a tissue and watch this story about second chances.


  1. so much goodness happening over here......wowzers.
    the sheep (swoon) especially light me up:)
    thanks for several smiles a post,

  2. I can see why the first picture is your favorite.
    All the links are so special. Loved seeing the pitbull rescue. A friend rescued a pitbull about a years ago that had his front legs cut off. He is amazing and gets around when he is outside with wheels.

  3. I am really glad that I don't have to choose a favorite among these three fabulous photos! They are inspiring me to maybe get out the big camera again....I have not been motivated lately...

    That UP sounds really intriguing and I would like to hear more about it...my bff has a FitBit which sounds similar and I have been thinking of getting one.

    Have a wonderful week Beth!

  4. Your fall shot is beautiful. I can see why it's your favorite.

  5. The photo of the sheep is beautiful with such perfect lighting. I will go through your list of mentions. I'm glad you are embracing Autumn as it is just so perfect.

  6. I do enjoy the gift of seeing things through a photographer's eyes. Thanks!

  7. You sure focused on some sweet beauties here, Miss Beth. Lovely, love, love !

  8. Good stuff here...the pit bull *sobs*... Have a wonderful week!

  9. Seriously! Where do you find such photogenic fungi?? Maybe you can find ME a photogenic fun guy..... Sorry I couldn't resist! Love the berry shot, too :-)

  10. So many good scenes in Harry Met Sally, and that's a great one!

  11. No time to read words or follow links right now but very glad I took a moment to bask in the glow of your camera magic. Wow! Great shots. The one with the sheep? Oy! I want one for my wall! Love!

  12. stunning...your photos, as always. wishing you a warm and cozy fall!!

  13. Your photos are stunning, and have to say I especially like your berries and the sheep. Do love sheep. Also the story is just great! Thanks for sharing.

  14. i adore that photo too! (and of course the fungi :)


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