October 29, 2013

don't be corny.....

actually, be as corny as you want to be. make others laugh. make yourself laugh. be here. don't be back there or too far ahead, just be here. love deeply. love like there won't be a tomorrow. be thankful when you wake up. the past is the past, leave it there. eat broccoli. play in the leaves. don't keep your feelings inside. eat cream cheese frosting, by itself. call your parents. be gentle with your words, they have the ability to be cut without your knowledge. quiche can be eaten three times a day. fall back this weekend. take more photos, of anything. take more photos of yourself. walk. walk a lot. make eye contact with strangers and watch them smile. don't scowl. be honest. hold hands. make out. eat the halloween candy you bought. buy more candy. don't wear clothes that make you feel ugly. drink more water. be gentle, all the time. grow together. don't let one of you get ahead or stay behind. talk it out. don't assume. learn something new. do something new. figure out what makes you happy and do it. if it takes a while to figure it out, don't beat yourself up. say no. oh, for the love of God, say no. and last but not least, let me repeat, BE HERE. be present.

the quotes above are from tumblr and most likely found on my pinterest page.


  1. Girlfriend, you have given us words of wisdom today and I am going to try very hard to listen to them as I stay in the present moment.....So needed to hear this today.....
    You do an awesome job editing....

  2. I was looking for some inspiration ! You have it in spades to share here today, Sweetie. Love that.
    Happy Day !
    Love ya !

  3. Don't wear clothes that make you feel ugly...so true!!!! xo

  4. The post title and that first image - fantastic, just great.

  5. I came, I read, I smiled, and I went away.
    Now I am back to say, thanks for the lovely
    words to think on. Oh for a good laugh soon.
    Something corny would be just about perfect.

  6. I'd like to convince Santa that I've been good (enough) to earn a nice camera for Christmas. My very own, quality camera. A first. I've arrived and it's time. Don't you think? Now to learn to use it...

    Love your photos. They always make me smile.

  7. "don't wear clothes that make you feel ugly" -- amen!!! Love these words of wisdom xo
    (and I have to sign in now with wordpress because somehow I've buggered up my blogger thingy) :(

  8. A wonderful post, beautifully illustrated with lots of power and punch. Why should I be surprised? Oh, I'm not! This is the spot I come for all things lovely and inspiring. And I am.

  9. Nice thoughts to ponder here!

  10. Quiche can be eaten three times a day...Yes it can and so is chocolate right? ;-) xo

  11. My and son and I were in Rochester earlier this week and saw several of those trees with the green thingamabobs. We wondered if they were walnuts. They had made quite the mess on the sidewalks but were fascinating looking.

  12. Ohhh hell yea I'm gonnna be corny and foolish today...Jippy. This is so much fun.
    Thanks for showing me these tracks again Beth. Hugs from across the world to you.


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