July 15, 2013

just saying.....

if you know someone full of integrity and everyone else knows that person is full of integrity and you take the time to question that integrity even a tiny bit. well then you're an idiot.
~just saying~


  1. I am known for my integrity. It's a good thing to have and I would be hurt if someone questioned it. That's sad.

  2. Perfect in every single way!

  3. Hi Beth, hoping you or a loved one wasn't "questioned". I admire YOU and your honesty on this blog, I'll tell ya. Hugs, kath

  4. Very good message with a lovely image.

  5. people of integrity are true gifts!
    you are a gift.
    love ya, Girlie!

  6. well said my friend...well said.

  7. Amen!
    Curious, could one person think they have integrity, but someone else doesn't think so?


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