July 16, 2012


well, here they are. my current trespassing photos. i hope you're not disappointed,
because we've been here before. a few years ago. when it didn't feel like trespassing.

but now there are more "no trespassing" signs and groundskeepers who smile and laugh when you ask,
"are we trespassing?"
the one we ran into told us it's next to impossible to keep the "photographers" away. especially the wedding photographers. we talked to him for a bit while he told us stories about the building, including the cost it would take to repair it or the amount needed to tear it down.

and, how it was discussed last year, about turning the whole place into an artist's studio.
then he told us to have fun.

it's a dangerous place for the all the "graffiti" kids to hang out, but i think we need to take a minute to applaud them for all their artwork. it's truly amazing. now granted, i'm not one who goes around promoting the defacing of beautiful buildings, but in this case, honestly, i'd love a front row seat to watch them in action.

through the crumbled and caved in roofs, trees grow. 
if you look closely at the photos you'll see them.

i wish i could convey to you just how badly i want to get inside this building. can you even imagine the indoor jungle that grows behind these brick walls, or the animals and birds that call this place home? to be totally honest though, i have to tell you that raccoon poop totally grosses me out.

i had to include one of the many "no trespassing" signs. i mean i know you believe me when i tell you they're there, but it's always nice to show you just how much of a rebel i am. well, me and my hubby. did you know he was never a rule breaker until he met me?....snort.

happy monday everyone
ps...if you've been watching the news/weather channel, you probably noticed that once again mother nature is playing ugly. sheesh, she's been relentless this summer. but if this means a warm winter without very much snow, then i'm all for these one hundred agree heat advisory days.


  1. I would LOVE to get inside this building. I like old houses, buildings, factories....the stories they could tell and the things I could find.

    I have a post going up later this week about a closed down prison that we visited yesterday. Talk about wanting to get inside something....

  2. Adventure with a capital A!

  3. Like you...I dont condone vandalism in any way. I try to be upstanding in that regard. but when it comes to artistic expression, like here...I cant help but capture it and...applaud it. ooooch...it hurts to even say that.

    I'm finding more sporadic area's of graffiti in our small town/city and I cant help myself but get pictures.

  4. Personally, I'd rather see graffiti on these neglected buildings than just have them ignored and eventually overrun by the elements. There really are some talented individuals who obviously need a large canvas to display their work. I like the idea of turning the area into an artist's studio. Great pics!

  5. I do have a thing for graffiti and your discovery and trespassing is perfection. I totally agree artists should live here. Happy trespassing! Love that your husband now breaks the rules too. Stay cool or come to Oregon where it is in the high 70's today, but cloudy and could rain. The house is wide open and feeling the beautiful morning air.

  6. You rebel, you. We did a tour once with our faculty, over to the place of the original campus which was huge. Me and two others left the group and snuck into this rambling (and dangerous) building. I'll never forget it - and the fact that the one teacher (a male) was so scared he wouldn't go up a set of steps. Totally worth it, though! And it wasn't that scary.

  7. You rebel, you! I love how the trees and other sprouts find a way to grow on and through the building. Great photos.... You are a beauty finder. That's what you are.

  8. Now that is my kind of location! A little rebelion in the name of art is excused in my opinion. ;)

  9. Now that is my kind of location! A little rebelion in the name of art is excused in my opinion. ;)

  10. When Greg did his talk about chalk art at the DIA, part of it was discussing grafitti as an important part of street art. It's clear that there are some talented ones out there!

  11. .... there's something about that yellow flower to the left, in the last picture...

  12. what a magical place.
    or an ordinary place
    that pops with your own
    special bethy magic.
    that last photo sort of takes
    my breath away!

  13. What a funky funky place! Love that you got in close.
    Stay cool, Beautiful Rebel!

  14. It's always fun to trespass with you, Beth. You even seem to charm the guards! Love the crumbling facade and the vivid graffiti.

  15. The graffiti's are so nice. I still remember y first graffiti when I was 13, 14 and thought I was so cool.

  16. How sad to see a building that old crumble--old buildings are the most interesting.

  17. it's good to be a rebel sometimes... especially if you get great photos like these. love that old building. would love to see something useful come of it. hope all is well. have a great night~

  18. Looking forward to seeing the shots from the other side. Vacant anything has promise for something special.

    Be careful though, if you seek it others have as well.

  19. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    Oh, I love them! And I agree with you on the graffiti - not a promoter but in some cases it's beautiful and amazing. These remind me of some I took in Wisconsin a couple of years ago of an abandoned church. I need to find those... we even went inside!

  20. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    That's some very awesome graffiti for anyone with a good eye and a camera! Great shots!!

  21. Maybe I shouldn't but I have always loved graffiti...I wouldn't paint it mind you but I love the bright haphazard colors. Gorgeous site and gorgeous photos!

  22. This makes me grin. One of my favorite photos ever is a family portrait I took with the bright orange no trespassing sign. They were in chocolate brown and orange, so it looked pretty darn good.


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