July 1, 2012

kicking the weekends butt in a nice way....

we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. or anything boring. 
all we did was live.
and you know what, living is a pretty great thing.
okay, so we ate out twice. went to an open house. watched movies. saw our daughter and her fiancé's almost done house. trespassed on the east side of madison and got caught. stopped at an art store. bought a book at barnes and noble. ran to the grocery store and to the fresh market. grilled steaks and chicken. ate lots of strawberries. slept in late. cleaned files and junk off my computer. then i played in light room 3 and did two loads of laundry while reading lots of new blogs.

the movies we watched were "beginners" and "money ball" and then this morning, while still in my smushed face haven't been awake very long look jammies i watched "flight plan."
let me just stand up now and applaud jonah hill.
if you're ever in madison and want the most amazing egg sandwich for lunch, i'd take you to the daisy cafe. that's where we ate yesterday after trespassing around one of madison's most 
beautiful {dying a slow death and that's such a shame} places
{more on that later}

now i'm going to complain, but just for a tiny bit. 
wow. it's hot here.
and i love the heat one hundred times more than the cold. but wow, it's hot here.
if you were in one of the areas where the storms hit, i hope you're all okay and that your
electricity is back on.


  1. what gorgeous pictures of the dandelions. sounds like lots of great things going on in your part of the world. so glad you got out and done some exciting things. hope all is well. have a great night~

  2. These photos are magical, Beth, as sometimes (often) the ordinary is when seen through your lens. I think my husband makes the best egg sandwich but I'd have one with you at the Daisy.

  3. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Our electricity is back on, but soooo many in our area are without. Some neighborhoods look as though a bomb went off. Just crazy. Gas shortages. bottled water shortages. a few food shortages.... just kind of crazy.

  4. Wondering if that is Goat's Beard that has gone to seed. Amazing close ups.

    It's really hot here, too ...

  5. Damn, it's hot here, too. But we have power, the AC is on, and we're alive. Amen.

    Ok, more on the trespassing and the movies, ok? Tonight I'm watching Moneyball.

  6. Wow for not much goin on...you sure had a LOT going on! "The family" got together and painted a 900 sq foot deck at my daughters. The kind of deck where you had to paint inbetween each board...with a q-tip...well...not really a q-tip but some paint swab thing attached to a thin metal strip...and it was hot here too...after 9:00 I had to put a towel under my knees to not burn them while I painted...so glad this will only have to be done once every 10-15 years...maybe by then I will get my senior pass out of these kinds of activities! You pictures were a refreshing and calming highlight after such a weekend. Wishing you a great upcoming week...
    PS....looks like my daughter and her family will be moving to Milwaukee next year...might have to schedule a get to gether when I get out your way...

  7. Love your photos and hope you cool down soon. But I can't wait to hear about this trespassing business. Spill it, woman! LOL

  8. Just livin sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend.

  9. Makes me want to take a deep breath and blow on those beautiful little seed pods and make a wish! Those are lovely images!

    Praying for those suffering in the heat and fires. We've had mostly rain and clouds - and I'm oh, so good with it. I don't do well in heat!

  10. Beautiful soft, white-washed floral captures.

  11. Your post bring memories of lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds slowly float by. Your dandelions are beautiful. When I was a little kid in the summer and it got hot I'd sit down on the front porch on the cool concrete in my shorts and play jax. Those were the days before air-conditioning. I didn't know any different.

  12. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    i love flight plan. seen it a few times and each time i am fully engrossed.

  13. Magnificent photos ! Wow !

    That sounds like a busy and wonderful weekend, Beautiful Beth.

    I got home on Friday night from my time with the kiddos. I did a post on the blog yesterday, sharing some photos inspired by one of the most talented photographers I know. Not nearly Beth-good, but fun ! ;-)
    Hugs to you, hubster and Miss Sophie-girl.

  14. you are so built for blogging :) your posts always make me feel connected to you and everyone in a way that is intimate and easy. thanks for sharing your weekend ♥

  15. Your weekend sounds as perfect as ours was. Except we need some rain kind of badly.
    LOVED Jonah Hill in Moneyball.

  16. I am jonzing over that amazing macro of the dandilion/puff ... how did you do that?

    did you like Beginners? we saw it a while ago and I didnt like it all that much ... I wanted her never to get her voice back, once she did she was SO boring ..

  17. Sounds like a fun weekend to me! And love these photos!

  18. I see by your lovely photos that you went to the seedy side of town. ;)

  19. I love the summer months too, far better than winter, but WOW it's hot here too...like fire breathing.

    And we had HAIL yesterday in those weird storms. In the heat.

    These photos are Awesomeness!!!

  20. Oh my, but it's hot here, too, and so, so dry! Our grass is crunchy! : (

    Sounds like you had a terrific weekend, busy, but a fun one nevertheless. Our good friends in the DC Metro area finally got their power back on last night. We had EVERYthing crossed for them in hopes of getting their power back on ASAP.

    Happy Monday!

  21. gorgeous photo...and a nice busy weekend

  22. I still waiting for summer here, but they say it will be here Thursday. I am looking forward to a little heat. Sounds like a good weekend and I would love watching a good movie in my jammies. Have a terrific week.

  23. Your weekend sounds super lovely. I'm betting we'll be seeing some of those trespassing photos this week...? And I bet they'll be oh, so, good.

  24. That weekend sounds awesome. What I wouldn't give for movies in PJ's right now! Love, love, love the first photo.

  25. your weekend sounds delicious
    and it's wicked hot here too
    but i'm one of the lucky ones
    with electricity
    so i feel bad about saying
    how horrible this heat.
    (but it IS, you know)
    those are otherworldly beautiful
    photos! i love your art:)

  26. Beautiful photos. You seem to have had a busy day, and like your photos, the ordinary things are really essentially extraordinary. I hope the electricity comes back in DC and other areas, too. Summer was horrible in the Philippines and we're so thankful for the rains.

  27. love these macros. and yes, sometimes living is a pretty great thing. especially if you can recognize that in the moment you are living.

  28. it sounds like the perfect weekend. except for the getting caught part.

    woohee, hot here, too. and we need rain.

    i've been thinking about you and sophie, hope she's doing okay.

  29. Stunning, So Beautiful
    Love your header . Its so clean and fresh.

  30. Gorgeous photos Beth! Can't wait to see what you trespassed for:)

    ...and by did you ever get a lot accomplished this weekend!

  31. My goodness, you had a most busy and wonderful sounding weekend. Why is it dandelions look so glorious?


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