March 17, 2008

you caught me.....

I'm here to tell the truth.
About 2 things.
I adore Simon Cowell.
What can I say ?
I know some people hate him.
They think he's rude and mean.
I think he's honest.
Brutally honest.
In a way that all of wish we could be.
At least every now and then, right ?
Did you see him today on Oprah ?
No longer is he just Simon.
The "mean one" on American Idol.
He's also a Guardian Angel.
For a family whose little girl is battling cancer.
He paid off the mortgage on their house.
And he said they could call on him for anything else that they might need help with.
Now I love Simon.
I read too many blogs.
I'm a blog addict.
My butt has gotten wider from sitting in front of my computer reading blogs.
But because I read so many, I have something to confess.
If I get to your blog and your post is really long, I start to skim.
I'm not sure if it's the length of the post,
or that I have so many more to get to,
or my adult ADD kicks in....
but if your post is really long-
with no breaks, photos or new paragraphs-
I get lost.
My eyes don't know where to focus.
I get antsy.
And so I move on.
So I'm here to confess that I'm not a good blog reader.
If you have lots and lots to say.
Are you still with me here ?
Or did I lose you when I said I love Simon ?


  1. New door, new post. I like Simon's honesty too. He truly wants people to be their very best.

  2. I agree with you on both counts!!!!

  3. By sheer force of desperation? Will? Recognition of overload? this weekend I deleted at least 40 blogs from my favorites list. Beautiful blogs, wonderful people behind them ... but I just can't do it. I want to have a life that is more than blog-reading. (*Not to mention my family complained, a lot, and I wasn't getting any art done, or dishes, or laundry, or walking, or ...). So now there are just the 10 blogs that I read faithfully, and have for over a year. I'm forcing myself to stick to that. If I add one, another has to go. Try THAT one -- ouch!

  4. Good post (despite being on the fence about Simon. There's honest and mean and sometimes he crosses over the line, but nonetheless, he's good!)

    I find myself scanning some, reading others in more detail. I love the photos on anyone's, anytime. Breaks up big copy blocks. I am finding that the more I blog, the more I link to others and check back, and I need to get a better system!

  5. I think I have a teensy crush on Simon, and I'm worried about what that says about me.

    Or maybe I just have a thing for British accents?

  6. ha ha ha-- I am the SAME way--- I cannot read a long blog post even though I often write posts that are too long myself . . .


  7. uhh yeah, i wish my butt was as big as yours...heheh


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