February 24, 2008

the chair

when you're not home
my heart is lonely
you were only gone 2 nights
it was just a business trip
but i missed you
your laugh was not the same over the phone
the side of the bed where you sleep was
there was too much space everywhere
especially in the chair where you sit
but i was fine
i did my usual things
and missed you
and then you came home
and held me tight
and rocked my night with passion
and today the sun is shining brightly
i hear you everywhere
i see you
i smell you
everything fits again
my heart
your laughter
it was only 2 days
but it felt like 3 or 5 or 7
and now i'm warm again
not from the sun
but from you


  1. I LOVE your new banner! What an outstanding view! Your sonnet to your hubby is pretty swell too. Okay, so maybe it does not fit the dictionary discription of a sonnet, but it sounds better that poem. He is such a lucky guy. You are such a lucky girl. I am such a lucky friend!

  2. I can't sleep AT ALL when Double BB and I are separate. Your poem says it all.

  3. This is beautiful. The poetry is lovely -- And I know what you mean, as I feel that way when Rick goes away, too. You are so eloquent! This is really a lovely tribute.

  4. What a super poem this is. And I wanted to comment on the new main page photo- it really suits the feel of the blog and it looks great. I love the poem, it's very heartfelt.


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