February 16, 2008

Oh how I love my wild animals.....

Once again, our critter cam is amazing us.
These close-ups are just too cute.
For those of you around this area, you know how deep our snow is.
For those who need a visual, look at the legs on the deer in the front.
Now that's deep snow.
We've gotten EIGHTY inches so far for this season.
But for smaller guys like this opossum, he has no problem walking on top of the snow.
Our temperatures have been soooo cold, that the snow is fozen solid in most areas,
so he has no problem getting to the leftover birdseed under our feeders.
The deer on the other hand, are now getting feed corn.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
We heard that you're not supposed to feed them.
But we also heard that no human, let alone the wild animals, should have to live through a winter with this much snow.
So I think we're even.

{please ignore the dates and times....new batteries screwed up the internal calendar}


  1. Gotta love the furries! But I have to make a confession..I think Opossums are about the ugliest beasties of the backyard variety!

  2. I love these pictures!!!!!! Keep em coming!

  3. ooohhh beth, i just love these pictures and you know it warms my heart that you are taking care of them this harsh winter......
    miss you

  4. Pretty cool. In spring I get bunnies and squirrels. This is much more exciting!


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