February 18, 2008


That's right.
This is how I'm going to spell it for the rest of the season.
The snow that was pretty for a few days in December is now ugly.
We've gotten 83.3 inches so far and my body aches just from being tired of it.

Okay, call me crazy or hypocritical.
It was pretty yesterday.
Only because the freezing rain came first...oh the joys of winter in wisconsin
The glistening outside was blindingly beautiful.

But starting today and until it's gone completely, I will no longer have snow outside my window as I sit here typing.

It is now sneaux.

Isn't that a pretty spelling for the thing I now hate most in life?
I think it's a real word, but I'm not sure.
It looks French, but since I took Spanish, I really have no idea.
But I like it....sneaux, sneaux, sneaux.

And at his point, I need all the help I can get.


  1. I live on the east coast of Canada and I would also love to give winter an eviction notice!

    Although "sneaux" is pretty, my friend tells me that, in Polish, the word snow is something like "schnyeck!", which sounds much more appropriate.

    May you have an early spring -- and share it with me! :)

  2. You crack me up, Ms. Sneaux! Good idea, kind of like calling my jaunts to Target for Tide and toothpaste 'shopping at Tar-jzay'. Disguising the distasteful!

  3. If you have to have sneaux, that's as good a way to spell it as any! And I'm with you, 100 percent!

  4. What a great post..but actually by giving it such a beautiful name, you take away the ick, and see it for what it really is...a magical transformation of an otherwise boring cold and barren scene!

  5. Hi Beth!

    It was so fun to see you had stopped by-- and what an artistic, creative response to the feeling of I don't want to type sn-ow one more freaking time!! ha-- I went to college in WI and loved it-- but, the snow? not so much. Why on earth do I now live in NH? Why do I not live on an island in the Carribean somewhere?

    peace out-- bluepoppy

  6. Oh me too!
    It has stopped being gentle pretty snow and now everything is frozen rock solid and it is just bitter, mean, sinister cold.
    At least now I have a cool new spelling. :)
    Stay warm.


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