April 10, 2013

you can do it.....

"don't settle. don't finish crappy books. 
if you don't like the menu, leave the restaurant. if you're not on the right path, get off it."
chris brogan

"never lie to someone who trusts you. never trust someone who lies to you"
i'd like to add, "if you're not happy, talk to the manager. don't feel guilty if you spend an afternoon doing nothing. unfortunately, there's so many other things to feel guilty about. i'm not perfect, so quit wasting your time thinking that i am. don't raise your voice unless absolutely necessary, like in the case of a fire, otherwise, you've left a scar that will last a lifetime. feeling wanted, sexually and emotionally, is the best feeling in the world. you might want to rethink things if you just went, "huh?" compliment your loved ones. even the teeniest and simplest compliments tend to ward off the feeling of being taken for granted. put your phone away. studies have shown you can live without it. you will get in the wrong line at the cash register, so prove to yourself that this is not something to cause you to have a bad day and practice patience...but when the woman in front of you decides to write a check and doesn't even pull out her checkbook until everything has been rung up, then you can go ballistic. kiss your lover passionately at least once a day. pecks are what chickens do and you are worth so much more than that. have your beliefs and opinions, but don't expect everyone to agree with them or understand them. that's why we have words like beliefs and opinions...and facts. be "on fire" and amaze yourself, even if it only involves solving the puzzles on wheel of fortune before everyone else does. know things about yourself and be proud of those things. don't apologize for being you. unless you're always late. don't be late. ever. 

want to play along? 
tell me your own self proclaimed words of wisdom


  1. I love your words of wisdom. Made me stop and ponder. It might take me some time to make up my own list...but I'll try and give it a shot :)

  2. Rhoda took the word out of my mouth - I love yours. I think I would add - when you regret, truly regret something you've done - forgive yourself - God already has.

  3. I so much love what you have written here!

  4. Some of the words of wisdom I believe in (I'm not perfect at any of them, but they're what I strive for)...
    Don't say something about someone behind their back that you wouldn't say to their face.
    We are all connected so treat others as you wish to be treated because karma has one hell of a backhand!
    Love and respect thy mother (and thy Mother Earth).
    You are beautiful. Know it, feel it, live it!
    Everyone is perfectly imperfect in their own way.
    You can't please everyone any of the time, so don't even try!
    Drive as if every car contains someone you love.
    Dark chocolate makes everything better.
    Life's messy so you might as well dive in and have fun!

    So that's what I got off the top of my head.


  5. I live by one sentence. Fully expect the universe to cooperate. And it almost always works -- maybe not how I expected. But it works.

  6. Life is short..... Eat dessert first :-)

  7. If you're late, the message you are sending to who ever has been waiting for you is, I don't give a damn about you. I don't care if I made you wait a half hour. I don't think enough of you to be on time.
    I am never late!

  8. LOVE THIS POST. Love what you do, do what you LOVE.. Stole from "Life is Good".


  9. Beautiful earthy real life wisdom, my Friend.

    The one thing I know for sure is (you may have heard this from me before! ;) )that love is the answer.
    If you don't know what to do, think about how love applies. The answer will come quickly. Sometimes, the answer will be hard to put into action, but when you do, your heart and soul will be so relieved and grateful. Love, love, live love.
    Huge hugs wise one!

  10. Hug. Laugh. Forgive. Move on.
    Not much to add to your sage words of wisdom.

  11. Speak up when you don't agree and feel an injustice. I spoke with my son about this just today. Tell people you care and are concerned because if you don't they don't think you care. Good words, beth!

  12. Basically, everything comes down to love, doesn't it?
    Love you! xo

  13. WOW!!!
    remember to breathe.keep practicing.learn to love yourself.
    Big hugs to you Beth xo

  14. My main mantra is this: the only person whose behavior I can control is my own. It makes so many situations in life easier to deal with.
    Yours is a great list

  15. Don't hoard the 'special' things. Use that fabulous bubble bath. Eat the expensive gifted chocolate. Light the scented candles. You are worth a special treat. Everyday. Life is too short & unpredictable to live for 'one day'. The bubble bath will be forgotten in the back of the cupboard, the chocolate is best eaten fresh, and candle scents fade.

  16. I'm just soaking these up over and over. I still and always will live my life by the golden rule and it's what I've made sure to teach my children..."do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Now, I'm going back to re-read these words of wisdom. xo


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth