October 16, 2012

when i fell.....

a few posts back, i told you about my fall.

the fall that left me full of scrapes and bruises. 

the fall where i felt stupid.

the fall that happened when i was shooting all of these fungi.

well thankfully all of my photos turned out and i'm able to share with you
the beauty that took me off the beaten path in the first place.

i think though from now on, if i'm feeling extra adventurous, i'll wait until the weekend 
to be my daring self. i mean really, if i'm ever going to fall again, i want my knight in shining armor
{aka gorgeous and most loving hubby ever} to rescue me....
or at least be there to laugh with me.

yes. we'd laugh. as long as nothing was broken, we'd laugh.

now, to totally change the subject, as i often do especially while in a face to face conversation,
did you see that guy jump? are you watching parenthood? do you like michael, as in kelly and michael?
do you wash all your towels together or do you separate your kitchen towels from your bath towels?
do you love origins and philosophy skin care products like i do? 


  1. Sorry to read about the incident between you and the fun-guy. ;-)

    Beautiful imagery!

    Believe it or not, but the first image had me associating the pattern with granite... as in granite counter tops.

    Next time wear knee and elbow pads.

  2. You got some great photos there. Glad you're ok tho!

  3. You have such a wonderful eye! The pictures are gorgeous! Just don't take any chances with yourself.

    I can't speak to the rest. I don't wath Parenthood and don't use those skin products. But towels I've got! I tend to wash them all together for fear of color fading and my husband's love for large sheet towels. But I also wash them blended in sometimes with other clothes if I have the room and know they're color safe.

  4. glad you didn't hurt any of those fungi when you fall down and go boom

    here's a question for you .. how come you never visit my blog(s)?

  5. nope did not see guy jump- lately I tend to shun hoopla.
    used to watch parenthood - kinda lost track of it last season.
    do not watch michael/kelly..did not watch regis and kathy/kelly.
    separate my towels of course!!!!
    adore philosophy - amazing grace and pure grace

    love your fungi <3


  6. You just needed to get down to fungi level... and yes, I'm watching Parenthood. Yes, towels all get one load. And I'm not hooked on origins or philosophy skin care products.

  7. Those photos are gorgeous and I can see why you put your life at risk to take them - but I'm glad you're going to wait until your knight can escort you next time! I saw a news blip about the guy, no on Parenthood I really watch way too little TV, so haven't watched Kelly and Michael, my kitchen towels either go with my whites or my darks, and I haven't tried either of those products!

  8. There is a law; bath towels and kitchen towels cannot intermingle. It's simply not allowed.

  9. Beautiful images here, Beth. No, I don't watch Parenthood but I did see that guy jump. Towels are towels and they all go in together. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is my favorite skin cream.

  10. while your are here...

  11. fantastic fungi
    and glad you're mending well
    and all together
    (separate whites and darks,
    of course)
    and hope for a
    beautiful October:)

  12. Oh what a tumble you took! But look at these pics! You saved the camera. Love the previous post as well, especially that flower!

  13. Love your fungi shots! And Felix...oh my lord, could you imagine that jump? Crazy...but cool!

  14. Hi Beth. I am soo sorry! I was thinking about you this morning on my way to work, and was thinking, Gee, I haven't "heard" from Beth in a while... Then I see this post tonight and learn that I must have missed your Fall post. Hope you are de-bruising. I'll show you mine if you show me yours...hahaha. I don't know why falling down is funny, but after I know someone is ok, I laugh til I pee. I think some relationships have actually ended that way... Gorgeous fungo photos. I tease my husband that he is a real Fun Guy... Get it?

  15. I love fungi, especially the type to eat. On the other hand my hubby hates them. They are beautiful in their own way, especially how you found them with the scattered leaves.

  16. Love the fungi!!!
    Love parenthood.
    Wash towels together.
    Love origins.
    Love my knight in shining armor who laughs with me everyday.
    Love you, Awesome Beth!!!

  17. funny childhood story about me at camp when I laughed at a girl who tripped on a rock; she laughed, too, but was trying not to cry. so guess who felt like a heel when she ended up in a cast!

    watched video of guy jumping; gave me heebie jeebies thinking about all that g-force
    don't watch parenthood (don't have time)
    who is Michael
    why would one separate towels?
    and what do you mean "skin care product" isn't that what swiped hotel bar soaps are for?

    it is nice to have someone to laugh with.....

  18. Your photos are gorgeous! Who thought a fungi could be so beautiful? Yes, to the guys jump. And if my kitchen towels have colors I wash them separate from my bath towels because my bath towels are generally white. Love white linens.

  19. These are wonderful photographs, Beth, and I am glad you were not seriously hurt.

    Don't separate towels. LOVE Philosophy anything, especially Pure Grace.

    Have a great day!

  20. gorgeous rewards for your trouble :)

  21. I wash all my towels together. And I like your fungi shots.

  22. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself...but these photos have to be worth taking a spill! They are fantastic!

    I didn't see the jump except on the news...Love Parenthood...never watched Kelly with anyone...wash my towels all together...and the only thing I can use on my face is Dove soap:) That was fun!

  23. Those 'shrooms are gor-geous and I hope your bruises have healed and are gone by now.

    No I do not watch parenthood (but now you got me thinking ;-)
    Separate loads for kitchen towels and baths towels
    As for origins and philosophy skin products...you got me thinking again

    Missing you xo

  24. Philosophy, yes!! Amazing Grace, specifically. Cannot live without it. Parenthood is date night for hubby and me. LOVE that show!!! Hope you're all healed up. The photos are so pretty.

  25. i love mushrooms, i don't watch parenthood or kelly but a new show i like this fall is elementary, i wash my towels separately, and i'm recently trying to find better skin care for my face, i've been doing soap and water forever and i finally am ready to take better care of my tender skin, i'll try philosophy ~ love your randomness :)

  26. although sorry for yur boo-boos, I have to say it was well worth the tumble.

  27. Those photos are mind blowing! I am sorry about your fall but enjoyed reading about your adventures in nature.:) Happy recovery!

  28. honestly, like another viewer/commentator, I thought I was seeing a rock! sorry about your fall. I love the photos! it is HARD to view subjects and watch where one is going. nothing broken, right?

  29. You fell? Oh, no! I've been off blog a bit. So I hope by now you are back on your feet!

  30. Love shroom photos and isn't it nice to know that from now until forever, whenever you look at these photos, you will forever remember being on the ground--whether taking these photos or from the fall. Hope you can laugh and appreciate them as time goes by. Have a good day.


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