August 10, 2012

what you said you read.....

when i asked for reading suggestions, you all delivered brilliantly.
it was like having an urgent librarian pounding loudly on my front door. her arms were full and her balance was off and she begged me to let her in. thank you, thank you, thank you.
these are just some of the suggestions.
wildflower hill
night road
still alice
left neglected
the daughters walk
the art of racing in the rain
the mermaid chair
the night circus
the language of flowers
sea change
three junes
my sister's keeper
the tie that bind
faithful place
saving cee see honeycutt
her fearful symmetry
the history of love
the fault in our stars
the chaperone
a pocketful of names
a year of wonder
the ice queen
a year in provence
a tree grows in brooklyn
standing under the rainbow
all over but the shoutin
tender at the bone
patti jane's house of curl
the imperfectionists
a tree grows in brooklyn
krisen hannah books
jennifer wiener books
anita shrove books
happy reading
{if you are one of the 48 strangers on state street, here's that post}


  1. Love your list! Just finished the language of flowers...really enjoyed that book!

  2. Great list! I know you said no science, but I just finished The Beekeeper's Lament ... about the honey bees. Really interesting. I was surprised about how easy it was to read! Thanks for the list. I need to get busy!

  3. I may have suggested it, but Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is a wonderful book. Just gorgeous in so many ways.

  4. This is a good list to go by. I have read a couple on the list and just ordered Language of Flowers, which I will read soon.

  5. Holy cow, that's a lot of suggestions! I had to chuckle at your visual of the librarian banging on the door about to topple over with the books. You are so funny. Hope you enjoy them all and can find the TIME to read them!

  6. What a great list...
    You HAVE TO read The Fault in Our Stars - but have a hanky or two ready.
    A Year of Wonder (if it's by Geraldine Brooks, it's the one I'm thinking of) is also amazing.

  7. This should keep you busy for a while! I love the imagery you created about the librarian banging on your door. Wouldn't that be fun if it really happened?! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn moved me as a teenager. I have it to re-read but haven't gone back yet. I read Her Fearful Symmetry while in the NC mountains a few years ago. Different and worth the read.

  8. A very good list .... one of my fave's was Cutting for Stone. Beautiful! And loved your 48 post idea! Happy Belated B-day!

  9. gahh, what a delicious list!
    i missed weighing in
    but thank you for the tips!
    (the language of flowers
    is at the top of my list)

  10. Gotta read Little Princes by Conner Grennan.....simply beautiful read.
    Kim :)

  11. Oh thank you! There is nothing quite so lovely, as a nice, long list of possible reading ideas!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  12. this is beautiful list.

  13. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    Caught, discovered, found, captured, wined, dined and a dash of romance...
    Ohhh yaaaaa!

  14. What a good list! Cee Cee Hunnicutt was one of my favorite books. Ever! Right now I'm on a Nora Ephron binge. She makes me smile and that's all I can ask!


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