August 16, 2012

like taylor swift.....

the beginning of august was ninety degrees with humidity that was painful, constantly poking and teasing us. deep down, i wanted to grab it by its neck and throw it on the ground and stomp the life out of it, but since that wasn't going to happen, we carried on.
fortunately this senior was a trooper.

is it just me or do you see a bit of taylor swift in this gorgeous senior?

or maybe a little natalie portman ?

how about hunter tylo?

this is the only shot i got in front of these terrific barn doors. 
right after the shot, she said, "i think i'm sitting in a nest of ants," and sure enough, huge black ants EVERYWHERE. we jumped and moved faster than anyone ever should. i even made her take off her boots and shake them out, just in case.

when we ventured near the lake for a few shots, we had some furry friends join us.

speaking of friends, if they want, i always let my seniors bring someone with them. i think it makes them more comfortable and if i need an extra hand with anything, i have somebody right there.
plus i always take a few photos of them together, which i think is a great senior year memory.

if you've got friends, and we're on grass, there's going to be jumping.

thank you S for letting me photograph your beautiful, shiny, spirited self. 
i hope your last year of school is absolutely amazing in every way.


  1. These are beautiful! And she does remind me of Taylor Swift! I love your jumping shots. You are the master of those.

  2. What beauty you see in others and share. Best wishes to her.

  3. She is indeed a beautiful girl. The photos are lovely, too! :) Been awhile since I've been around--nice to be back.

  4. She is indeed a beautiful girl. The photos are lovely, too! :) Been awhile since I've been around--nice to be back.

  5. She is a beautiful girl, but the puppies are so cute. Too cute!!

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!

  7. I knew from your last post you were going to do this, but boy was I surprised when I didn't see a bunch of old people by a barn.

    Ohh, seniors. I thought you meant the other seniors.

    What a beauty for sure, and love the barn door shot especially.

  8. Beautiful captures in colour and b&w.

    Her photo against the barn doors is timeless.

    Spectacular series!

  9. I think Natalie Portman, very pretty. You do amazing work lady!

  10. Beautiful photos, smiles and special moments of friendship.


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