June 1, 2012

even in the darkness....

you can take photos at night. i did. 
we were down on the beach and after the sun, ever so gently, set itself down behind the dunes, 
darkness, like an old quilt worn thin from years of loving, fell over us. 
our son had picked up this hat at the "take it now or it's gone in the morning" lost and found and we laughed at his resemblance to huck finn. if only he'd had a fishing pole.
too soon, i was out of light. 
i moved my iso up to 12800. it worked. i captured huck finn.

my hubby is always my pack mule.
when we're together, he carries whatever bag my camera goodies are in and never complains...
even if it's a floral beach bag.
the night this was taken, he was still carrying my daughter's purse. i'm sure he hadn't even paid any attention to the extra weight, as he's so used it.
i don't know what i'd ever do without this man in my life. 
he's pretty much my everything.

this is part three of our beach vacation.
i hope you have a chance to go back a few posts and catch up.
happy weekend


  1. Beautiful, Beth. The last one is just breathtaking for a sunset. Aren't your kids adorable!? I'd like some of that warm sun now. xo Jenny

  2. Brilliantly creative. I'm awestruck!

  3. What a beautiful life you have. You are truly blessed.

    Your new lens worked wonders for that first shot! Awesome!!!!

  4. Life is most definitely GOOD...

  5. Thank you for sharing these precious moments.

  6. Suck lovely photos :-)

  7. Oh, Beth -- what a wonderful collection of photos of a time I know you'll never forget. I had trouble reading the text -- it was awfully light -- but the photos spoke volumes!

  8. For shooting in the dark, you are doing awesome Beth. Your family photographs are making me smile of happiness for you. The love you all feel for each other shows everywhere.
    Enjoy your week-end and thank you for your visit xo

  9. I just love visiting the beach with you and your camera. When I see the pictures you take at the high ISO and then with your little lens baby, it makes me want a new camera. For now I will just enjoy what your camera and the artist (you) can do. Beautiful! Love the picture of your daughter and fiance hugging.

  10. Just glorious. You've got that lensbaby down! And wow, a photo that sharp at an iso that high? Amazing! Thank you so much for bringing the beach to those of us who are high, dry, and landlocked!

  11. Really makes me mushy. Beautiful family. Beautiful love. Aaah.

  12. Wow, I have never shot above 3200 iso. Incredible shots. Your hubby is like mine! He carries my tripod, bag, whatever I need. It's one of the things I adore about him. :)

  13. I want to be as fantastic a photographer like you when I grow up. Huck Finn looks incredible!

    It sounds like you're having a wonderfully, fun, beyond happy time. So happy for you---it shines through all your photos.

  14. What fabulous shots of your photogenic family - the landscape is stunning, too.

  15. These are simply beautiful, images of what was clearly a wonderful trip. What lovely children you have, all four of them! My favorite? The legs, just beautiful!

  16. beth all of the beach photos are so special. I am so happy for your daughter because i can see how truly happy she is! beautiful family beth the joy just jumps off the screen:)

  17. you have such a way of capturing expressions and beautiful moments... these are all fabulous.

  18. so lovely .. love the shot of your daughter and her fiance .. her ring SPARKLES!!!!

  19. Needed this today.

    A dose of normal ~

    (stunning images, as ever)

  20. these are gorgeous! the flow and feeling is so moving, i love how your style is becoming stronger, amazing what 'focus' can bring :)))

    is that a mushroom above the paraglider?? what ever it is, it's so perfect to bring me into the next, telling stories in this downward flow of photos that only blogging captures is such wonderful new artform that you continue to master

    more please <3

  21. beauty. thanks for sharing this.

    i grew up at the beach and the sand and sea still flow through my soul. i know that dusk to dark time on the strand - thank you for bringing me home...if only for a moment.

  22. Gorgeous images.... smiling at you for your hubby carrying the bags. Such a sweetheart.

  23. These are absolutely breathtaking. There is a magical feeling about them.

  24. So beautiful!!!!!
    Love you.

  25. Had a wonderful time catching up here! Love love love the beach photos! So great to have the whole family there...and how exciting to have a wedding to plan for too:) Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance!

    I had a chance to look back at your old posts too and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Mother's Day photos...Everyone looks so happy!

  26. Beth you have such a wonderful gift of capture beauty in any setting – sharing the warmth, love, and wonder. Congratulation on the engagement! Thank you once again for sharing. With love,

  27. what a gifted grabber of goodness
    you are:)
    in the most excellent way
    i know, you find the beauty
    and share it.
    inspired i am,


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