June 15, 2012

bags, lines and needles.....

the good news...
sophie's liver levels are a bit better.

the bad news...
her kidney levels are worse.

so now i play nurse.
daily, i'll be giving sophie fluids, just like you see in the hospital, in order to flush her system.
thankfully large needles don't bother me. what bothers me {just a little} is the fact that i have to stick those needles in her back. 
one of the technicians {thanks nikki} at our vet's office, taught me everything i need to know and thank god she's got a sense of humor and patience. 
the first needle i put in her was perfect, considering inside i was thinking, "can i really do this?"
unfortunately, there was still a small opening in her skin from the last fluid treatment, so the fluid going in, was coming right back out...and leaking all over me. 
the second try, sophie squirmed so much we simply had to stop. 
but the third needle, after we swaddled sophie in a towel to make her feel safe, worked like a charm and  200 ml {minus what was all over my shirt} of fluid was safely in my baby.
as a child, i was often a nurse. a few cotton balls, a plastic stethoscope and an ace bandage and i could save the world. if only it were that easy now.
happy weekend everyone


  1. i had to do this for our barn cat a couple of months ago. i didn't think i'd manage, but i did. it helped him, but sadly he succumbed to an illness.

    good luck with your baby.

  2. I'm happy to hear that you can do the injections... We had a diabetic dog years ago that needed a daily injection of insulin and even with the small needle used I just couldn't do it. Hubby did a great job though.

    Take care and YOU have a wonderful week-end too!

  3. Oh...poor Sophie!! I'm sure you'll be an incredible sweet..kind..compassionate nurse and that Sophie will thrive under your touch!

  4. Poor Sophie. Poor you.

    Good luck playing nurse. I hope Sophie responds well.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

  5. You are way more brave than I would be... this lady is NOT a nurse and does not do medical anything. The only time I had to step up to the plate was when my sister was on hospice and that only required me to give her medication by mouth.

  6. here's hoping Sophie will do well with her treatments. i understand how you feel about injecting her daily. my cat is diabetic and i have to do two shots daily for him. he's thriving now. it's my hope Sophie will thrive as well. hang in, you can do this. happy weekend~

  7. We had to do this on two occasions for my precious Siamese cat years ago. It kept her going each time. She died when she was 20. Hang in there and love that little sweetie!

  8. Sending love to you and Sophie.....Get better soon Sophie!!!!

  9. Poor Sophie - poor Beth. Hugs to you and a favorite doggy treat for her - a girl hates to miss dessert! Take care. I've read back through your posts - amazing photos to illustrate your words.

  10. Aww, poor Sophie. She's lucky to have such a good nurse looking after her.
    xoxo jj

  11. oh dear, i am so sorry to hear about little sophie... it is so hard when they are sick.
    sending hugs and light and love, you are a good doggie mama.

  12. I have been catching up with your posts and am sorry to hear your dog is poorly. Good that his liver levels are better. I wish him all the wellness I can manage.
    As usual your photos are inspiring.

  13. It's amazing what a mother will do for her child, even if that child has paws and is quite hairy. Here's to hoping and praying that Sophie has many more years left. Bless you for caring so well for her!

  14. That second image thrills me. I hope Sophie feels better soon.

  15. If only things were as easy as they once seemed. But lucky Sophie to have such a loving and patient mom in her life. Hope the tide turns quickly and she's back to herself soon.

  16. sending fluid thoughts of comfort
    and healing
    and love
    to you and your sophie:(
    may you both be lifted
    and encouraged
    in all of your parts,

  17. Be strong, Beth. Sophie is lucky to have you. As you are to have her. Best thoughts.

  18. Poor sweet Sophie:) tickle her behind the ears for me:)

  19. if you want or need moral support or advice (like did they give you the green ended needles? and never ever put the needle in the same spot twice!) let me know .. Rose gets subQ hydration 50ml every other night (down from 100 ml every night)..make sure Sophie gets a treat after the hydration .. xox

  20. Hug Sophie and tell her to get better. Sweet thing!

  21. Thinking wonderful thoughts and knowing you'll be a wonderful nurse. I'm mailing you.


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