May 17, 2012

shells and subwoofers....

how about those eyes. oh what a little heart breaker he's going to be someday.
{there's more of him and his family's photo shoot over here}

i'm writing this post before american idol is narrowed down to the final two tonight.
it better be joshua and phillip or i'm going to flip out.
jessica is great, but she's not an american idol in my book.

did i ever show you what i did with all my shells and driftwood from florida?
well now you know. i really should have put something next to my bowl of 
"beach heaven" so you could appreciate the size of it. it's huge.
{and yes, those are dishes drying back there, along with a half eaten apple. that's how i roll}

i love the fact that both of my kids live so close to us. they both stopped by today. one for lunch and the other to fix a subwoofer. umm, just to be clear, the subwoofer does not belong to my daughter.
not that daughter's can't own subwoofers...because they can...but the picture in my head of my daughter with a subwoofer in her trunk...well that just totally cracked me up.


  1. This subwoofer stuff is perfect above the boob picture, too. Ha!

  2. What a gorgeous face.. and I just love the red-winged blackbird. Lovely stuff. And I'm rooting for Joshua. I have since nearly day one. Which means he'll be in 2nd place. It always seems to go that way with the ones I like. :)

  3. That is one beautiful baby!! Wow. Love all the photos. :) I watched one season of AI and I was done. The only reality competition I follow repeatedly is The Biggest Loser. Hope your fave wins!

  4. Love the baby pic...and the old building...sigh!! I heart!

  5. So in love with that old building and what a collection of treasures you've managed to amass. The post below of you, your mom and her boob made me crack up too.

  6. oh! the shells look happy in their new home!

  7. Not an American Idol fan .. my angst last night was which Grey's Anatomy doctor was going to die .. I guessed but I was wrong .. I am in awe that baby posed with that hat .. most babies in my personal experience hate hats .. just sayin' .. I love the beach in a bottle, I know it not a bottle but beach in a vase doesnt have the same ring to it .. wait is that my sub-woofer barking?

  8. this post makes me feel like I got to stop over for a cup of ice tea with you today :)

    btw - i'm not so much getting a handle on my highs & lows ... I think I am accepting them in new ways... some kind of grace is flowing through and it feels like a new place that might stick around, i'll have to wait till a wave of low comes, to properly test my new theory!?

    you were such an angel to me this time last year when it was a crazy low, thank you again <3

  9. Just did a quick catchup of your last few posts (how do I get so far behind?) What a cutie at the top!! And love the photos of you, your mom and her boob. Happy belated Mother's Day!

  10. swooning over your beach heaven.
    and phillip so
    must go to him this week!


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