May 6, 2012

are you too pretty ??

overall it was a lazy weekend
sure we ran some errands, cooked some meals and watched some movies
but everything was dressed in a letterman's jacket 
with a big L for lazy on the front.

just for the beauty i watched "cairo" and fell in love with patricia clarkson. 
mr. holland's opus we've seen multiple times, but we watched it again because we do things like that. "one day" caught my eye because i love anne hathaway and i think i liked it. it dragged a bit in the middle, ended horrifically but reminded me that love and friendship are gifts not to be taken for granted.

did you read this by any chance. i found it interesting in so many ways. 
it's based on taking the "pretty" out of our posts and sharing things that in the past 
we've been afraid to share on our blogs. 
there's a number of blogs highlighted that are participating and i found myself reading many of them last night and wondering what i would share here, that i haven't shared before because i was afraid to tell you and i didn't come up with many things. i honestly think i'm a pretty open book. 
i mean sure, i didn't talk about my dad being in the hospital a few weeks ago, 
because that's his story, not mine. 
{but now that i've brought it up, he had two stents put in an artery and is doing fabulously well} 
my blog isn't my journal, so you're not ever going to find out my deepest darkest secrets or desires 
{well maybe when i have a girl tribe get-together at the beach you might} 
but everything else is pretty fair game as long as it doesn't hurt or embarrass anyone.
i hope you have the time to check out the link, as i would love to hear your opinion and thoughts on taking the "pretty" out of blogging. now granted, this isn't a new topic at all, but since it seems to have gone almost viral in certain groups due to twitter, i thought it might be interesting to explore.


  1. i'm not a wordy blogger. don't include too much of 'me' on my site. nothing wrong with sharing actual concerns and stress and family trials, etc., but i get enough sad reality on the news, too. i think folks have to think about airing their laundry as you just can't take it back.

  2. I went and visited several of the posts and am almost afraid to tell you that although I think they're brave for taking the 'pretty' out of their blogs, I have no interest in doing so to mine.
    I cope through my blog, my family reads it, and I have no desire to do things differently. Besides, I like pretty things. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but some things should be kept private.

  3. I think transparency is good for a few 'good friends only'... when my own blog went more personal on a few occasions it was set on a private setting and only a few could read it. The thought of sharing heart to heart is good although wisdom should follow in the sharing. Is it too personal, is it too much detail, is it going to hurt someone, can it be personal and also vague at the same time as in telling a story, will it backfire and be used against the blogger who wrote it. There are many questions and concerns about 'opening up ones heart' so all can see or experience...the trauma or feelings.
    Only through prayer, only with good motives should someone bare their heart felt deep emotions on a 'public blog'. It is not a private diary or journal it is public for many to read.
    That is the key.
    Similar to facebook, be careful when sharing content.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I try to keep my blog upbeat. I have found that quite a few of my readers enjoy the 'pretty'. They get online to 'get away' from all the ugly that's going on around them.

    I do like blogs that keep it real though as well. Because, let's face it, no one's life is perfect all the time.

    So, I try to have mostly 'pretty' on my blog and intersperse some reality every once in a while if I feel that it will help someone.

  5. I'm commenting first and then I'll go look :) My blog is such a small glimpse into my life and I try to keep it as true to life as I can. And when I even contemplate unpretty? My mind goes there and thinks it should stay there... and yuck.

    I'm glad your Dad's better and that you shared that...


  6. Thank you for sharing this. It is such an interesting topic. I like to think that I am one who lays it all out there. Showing up in my space with my heart in my sleeve. It is something that just seems to come out of me. But of course there are also topics I know I N not ready to delve into publicly. I do live the blogging community because it brings you that space where you can see we are all human, all going through struggles and difficult times. Life is not always roses and rainbows.

  7. I don't paint "pretty" pictures of life on a sweet carousel ride. But I also don't "spill my guts". I don't write using rude language. When things aren't rosy in my world, I'll talk about it. But this is not my personal journal to the world where I share every deep dark part of who I am. I'm not a dark person to begin with. And this is the internet and once it is out there -- it is there for good. I don't like the idea of what some people feel is worth sharing that might come back to haunt them. It's a personal choice of course. Good topic.

  8. Aside from that topic...glad to hear that your dad is doing well. Those stents will make a world of difference for him xo

  9. I stumbled across this too (From Susanna Conway's blog). I think I am a pretty open book too...and I have written some ugly stuff on my blog. But I do draw the line at some things I put out there. As much as I like to journal about my life...there are parts that are still sacred and it just does not pay to air all my laundry in public...pretty or not.

  10. thanks for letting me know "one day" ends horrifically... I'll skip it :)
    I agree with Kate on the taking "pretty" out of things but I do think you photographers need to share some pics you think are not "pretty" b/c they usually are :) that is what I thought you were talking about at first.
    although every once in awhile a blog I follow (not one specifically but any one)might share something not "pretty" and there is something honest about it that people can relate to. but don't think it is a place to air all the dirty laundry...

    glad your dad is doing fab!

  11. I have noticed several blogs being "real" but I stay "pretty". No reason really..just do!! I share about my art and photography.

  12. I'm not a wordy person in speech or writing so I wouldn't do it.
    When blogs get too personal, I feel a little voyeristic and that makes me uncomfortable. I do think that some people Only put out the best and prettiest which then makes me feel like a loser and to hate them just a little bit. But people will do what they do and if others don't like it, they can visit another blog.

  13. I think I have pretty real stuff on my blog. It is kind of my pride in it, that even when things are kind of poo-ey, I find a way to stay positive. That has always been the purpose of the blog for me. I write for my audience, yes, but I also write for me. And taking that time to re-focus on the "pretty" or the positive has been something that saves me from getting swallowed up in the icks. It's gonna stay that way !
    I think the realness of your beautiful blog is the same, Artist Girl. Be Yourself, right, Baby ?
    Love ya !
    (PS so glad that Dad is doing well. Sending light and love around you all !)

  14. I love blogs that feel raw, that share what is happening in the moment and I also love things that are package as pretty as possible.

    I'm having a hard time deciding what mine is, I am so moody and prefer to express all of my moods via photos, words, art ... I get into different spaces and can only share from that space???

    Your blog is one of the first I found that felt incredibly authentic, which I'm totally inspired by :)))

  15. honestly, i saw one of those posts a few days ago, and i felt like it was a bit of a gimmick.
    i think we should all blog about whatever we want whenever we want, it doesn't always have to be happy or revealing or pretty, in fact, i prefer the blogs that feel honest, but it feels like playing up this whole true confessions thing is a game. a test. will you still like me if...?

    i'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well.

    i LOVE patricia clarkson, she's one of my favorites and one day, oof, i didn't see that coming at all!

    lazy weekends are the best...

  16. Lazy weekends are just fine with me! I'd love to sit around and watch movies with hubby one weekend but there's always some play-off or important game he HAS to watch. Ugh.

    I saw one of those posts you mentioned, and I thought it was just fine. Don't know if I'd want to read post after post like that, but honesty and sharing are never bad things. Lord knows I've done enough on my blog. Probably too much. But mine is more like a journal for things going on in my life-unfortunately, this year, much of it bad. :( I think it depends on the blogger and how you want to portray yourself. Too many doing it at once could be depressing, though. JMHO

  17. end of the day....not very wordy right now, but I wanted to stop by to say hi and tell you that your pics are fabulous~~~ and also that I have been really wanting to see that movie going to get on it this week.

    Glad your Dad is doing well!

  18. well, i do write about the not pretty, along with the pretty, but i don't want to feel i have to. and there are tons of things i feel are off limits - my business, no one else's.

    i hate that blogging may start to feel like a rules book or a how to book, or a how to succeed in . . . book. i just want people to show and tell whatever they want to show and tell. and not make other bloggers feel less "authentic" if they don't.

    cairo. one of my favorite words. cause it looks pretty on the page. :) true.


  19. I for one prefer to share only the pretty. Probably my Puritanical upbringing:)


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