April 3, 2012

off the beaten path....

i saw the sign. it said private property. unfortunately that doesn't stop me.
what stops slows me now is the long grass on the private property. damn ticks.

i got as close as could. which was pretty close, since i was smart enough this time 
to have on long jeans, socks and my hiking boots. 
but still. i had visions of thousands of deer ticks just waiting for me.

you see, ticks detect the carbon dioxide that something living gives off. so we are considered hosts. 
as are deer. even mice. 
they are literally just waiting for their "ride"out of the woods or off the long grass.

but i've decided that i can't be a wimp all summer, since hiking, being in the woods and especially trespassing are some of my favorite things to do. i mean how else do you find cool things like this cottage with a lake and a moss covered picnic table holding an old lamp of some kind.
see what i mean. 
it's hard to say no. it's hard to stop wandering. 

so i'll play it as safe as i can, wearing what i've been told to wear and doing what i've been told to do, in order to avoid another run in with a deer tick. 
or maybe i could just take you with me. 
maybe they'd like your carbon dioxide better than mine. 
it's just a thought. 
you're welcome.


  1. I love that nothing is going to stop you from trespassing..not signs and certainly not deer ticks!!! lol!! :) Glad you went out protected and aren't going to let it stop you!

  2. Good for you. Just play it as safe as possible but enjoy the season. Lovely shots.. that lamp especially.

  3. Never stop wandering (or wondering) Beth.The crumbling chimney shots and the lantern are my favorites. Your photos all evoke mood and story.

  4. I'm glad you're such a brave, but smart, girl. Thanks for the lovely shots ~ and the new header/banner is soft and soothing.

  5. Great shots!
    Light colored clothing, maybe khaki pants, tucked into socks that go up high, and then your boots. Light colored shirt. Tuck the shirt into your waste band. Yes, you'll look like a dork, but hey, better to look like one than to get another tick!
    Try tucking a couple of dryer sheets into your socks - let them stick out some. Some say, it helps repel the ticks.
    You can also try neem oil, I've heard that helps too.
    Don't let anything hold you back from being creative.

  6. I love this post. I remember when I was diagnosed with Lyme's the first time, it was difficult to even want to go near the woods again. You are brave! You're doing the right thing, too.

  7. oh, I would love to trespass with you! always been too much of a stickler for the rules to the detriment of having fun; but I do better with others who will do so :) and if we run into a bear, maybe my running shoes might be faster than yours.... just a thought :)

  8. Funny how such a wee thing can cause so much havoc and has the potential to do so much damage. Keep on exploring!

  9. I am going along with you into those fenced and abandoned properties so you can shoot your gorgeous photographs. I'll be taking the deer ticks along for a ride so we could chat together ;-)

    What you say? Do we have a deal? Thinking of you lots xo

  10. I'm not into tick sharing; however, I am a great fence jumper. Seriously, the photos are awesome.

  11. you are brave. and an awesome photographer :)

  12. good for you! love these photos, actually, i love that cottage, too bad it's been left like that. but, bonus for you...

    ticks are so nasty, little freeloaders!

  13. I love these old buildings you find on your journeys. Don't let those little ticks slow you down ( even though they pack a big bite )

  14. Love the photos and title. Actually, that could be a title for my blog. Enno and I are always going off the beaten path. It is much more interesting. Hope you're feeling better and your son is, too. Happy Easter! xo Jenny

  15. Gee thanks for the invite!! NOT!!!!
    Fabulous bldg. and the photos are awesome!!

  16. Keep on keeping on, especially for something you love so much. Safety in your gear, and in your fence jumping !
    Happy shoot! Deer Ticks be gone!

  17. does it make me a hypochondriac if I itch every time I read your blog now? I bet I'd be a smorgasbord for ticks (if I went into the woods)I am every biting insects favorite meal...
    no, thank you!

  18. beautiful pictures as always! I love adventure photo's!

  19. My oldest is at conservation camp this week and because of you, he brought bug spray.

  20. This is a lovely group of photos. There are so many teeny tiny creatures in the world and some of them just wreak havoc on our bodies. I'm so glad you braved the woods and took these photos to share. I'm not sure I would've gone with you.

  21. Old deserted houses are so fun to explore. I love that you walked right past that no trespassing sign and explored. The table with the old lantern and lake behind is just a perfect picture. Maybe what you need is a machine that attracts the deer tick away from you while you go exploring. Just set it out in the weeds and they come running to it and zapp! Gotcha! Then you can run free.

  22. If I let the deer ticks get to me here in RI I would never leave the house....Glad you overcame your fears to get these great shots! Love this new find and I would go with you in a flash if I lived nearby if only to be a tick magnet!

  23. God, I love the way you see.


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