April 5, 2012


when i walk into a shop, i expect to be greeted. 
a simple "hi" is perfect. but when i'm completely ignored, it's pretty much a given that i won't shop there anymore. this happened to me yesterday at "title nine." the girls working there just kept talking to each other about weekend plans and from where lunch was going to be ordered.
 now to be fair, i don't like sales clerks to smother me. believe me, i have left places just because i couldn't "breathe" due to some overly aggressive saleswoman hovering around me like a swarm of bees. 
but i do like to at least be acknowledged.

are you watching american idol. steven tyler is starting to drive me mad.
adjectives and sometimes even full sentences, don't always seem to get along with him, especially during the second hour, when he tends to look a bit bored. or distracted by the memory of the tight leggings the previous singer was wearing.

sophie is sleeping more and more during the day. i guess that's expected at 15, but today i have only seen her long enough for two potty breaks and a paul newsman's natural dog treat. but tonight, about dinner time, she'll run around the house crazy like a puppy, looking at us like "what?" 

i love sabrina ward harrison and have many of her books. 
yesterday i found out that her newest one that i had pre-oredered on amazon, was in stock at anthropologie. so i cancelled my order and took off to my most favorite store ever. i gently took the book off the shelf, fondling it and smiling all giddy, like a kid with a shiny new bike, forcing myself to not open it. i wanted to wait until i got home, so i could sit in the sun with my legs wrapped under me and savor it.
today i returned the book. 
it was awful compared to her other ones.

i like this:
the first to apologize is the bravest. the first to forgive is the strongest.
the first to forget is the happiest.


  1. I'm with you -- I like to be acknowledged when I enter a store, then leave me to do my thing and if I need a clerk, I'll find one.

    And how disappointing that with all that sweet anticipation, SWH's book was not what you expect from her. :(

  2. Completely agree with you on the way I want to be treated when I enter a store. I love for someone to say Hello and ask if they can assist, and then I want them to leave me to my browsing. I know how to ask for further help if I need it.

  3. I love that saying at the end, Beth. I want to put it on one of my photos and print it out.
    Love Anthropologie. Next time you come to the East Coast, we'll go to the flagship store in Philadelphia. We can meet Reena there.
    Ok. It's a plan.

  4. What a disappointment to find the book you want only to discover it did not hold up to its promise.

    The quote at the bottom is so wise. I really love it and want to remember it. It makes total sense.
    I guess I have to work on my ability to forget, and I'll be happier.

  5. Yes! I so agree! I want to be acknowledged, too! Especially when I'm standing there ready to buy something. They could at least nod or take a 1/2 second to say "I'll be right with you."

    I love that quote too... May I use it??

  6. I love these photos...they are breathless...I do not care for Idol (I think I am the only one:))

  7. I love Goddess Leonie's quote: "The one who is happiest, wins."

    I, too, love Sabrina Ward Harrison. Hmm, I will have to wait and pick up her latest and see how it feels.

  8. Enjoyed your photos today. Hey Title Nine is a favorite of mine too. I agree, I like to be acknowledged.

  9. a smile, a nod, a 'let me know if I can help you with anything. ' is that too much to ask?

    wonder what disappointed about the book.
    I've enjoyed her others tho I must say I was
    disappointed at the class I took with her. p

  10. I am inlove with this post. That quote is so great, and your photos, aah! PS. You journal every time you do this! This is your art journal. And it's fantastic.

  11. Oh, how disappointing about the book.

    I feel the same way about store clerks. It's a happy medium I like... acknowledge me but let me shop on my own and also be available in case I have a question!

    Love your images and the quote.

    Have a great Easter weekend!

  12. I agree ... a greeting, an acknowledgement is appropriate .. I am sure whoever owns that store would not be happy with the help

    you returned a book after reading it? girl, I am impressed!

    nice that Kate offers to take you to Anthropology and to meet Reena but not me ... huh!

  13. Beth, so interesting that you brought this up about shops ... I'm having a heated debate about this at our place right now and hope it can be resolved!
    A very good time to remember this perfect quote.

  14. I've never heard of that author, is this a terrible thing? I'll google...

    love that last quote. So true!

  15. beautiful photography, as always! I so agree with you sales clerks not speaking to you when you walk in. I totally understand they could be busy but I've been in some stores, totally swarmed with people and at least one will look up with smile and speak. they might be too busy to come to me right away but they at least acknowledge my pressence.

    You know...I dont think I've EVER returned a book! And believe me I've bought books that I do NOT like but I've never thought of returning them.

  16. There is a story in that first photo... how intriguing.

    and you returned a book? This can be done?

  17. Bad service is unforgivable. Especially in this economy.
    Yay to find a new book by someone whose work you love.
    I do enjoy your photos and quotes so much.

  18. you do random better than anybody i know. i'm in love with that first photo... and have i ever told you how much i like your handwriting?

  19. I just love that last quote. So absolutely perfect. And - me too - I'm a big fan of Sabrina Ward Harrison...curious - now - to see what her new book is like!

  20. Like your random thoughts and the quote at the end. I never thought about returning a book if you didn't like it. Hummmm? Now I am thinking about Steven Tyler here. All three I find say the same phrases and words to describe a singer.

  21. can I join you and Kate in Philly at the flagship store? that would be a great plan :)

    HATE when I'm ignored and even worse when someone is snarky to me; really??? I am spending money and you are snarky??? it happened last week if you don't notice the hostility in my words is still fresh.... so I need to move on to that wonderful quote you closed on.
    LOVE it! and who wants to let some snarky sales person rob them of happiness....not me!

  22. love all of this, love you, i am exactly the same way about salespeople...

    and that quote at the end is just wonderful!

  23. sooooooo much love for this,
    Beth...esp that last photo
    thanks for the beauty,

  24. You returned a book? Now that's spunk! :)

    Beautiful photos, one and all.


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